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Improving Java Interop: Top-Level Functions and Properties

Kotlin has had top-level functions and properties from day one. They are very convenient in many cases: from basic utilities to extensions for standard APIs. But Kotlin code is not the only client, and today I’m going to explain how … Continue reading

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Better Annotation Processing: Supporting Stubs in kapt

This post is largely outdated. Please refer to the kapt documentation. We announced kapt, an Annotation Processing Tool for Kotlin, some time ago, and discussed its limitations. Now most of the limitations are going away with the updated version of … Continue reading

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Kotlin Evolves: How to Keep Your Code Up

Kotlin is undergoing finalization, and as part of the process we are cleaning up: revising the language and its libraries. The biggest changes have been made in M12, but some more are coming. The point is to perform all the … Continue reading

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.2.0

Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.2.0 Today we are happy to present a new version of Kotlin plugin for Eclipse. This release includes the following features: Update to Kotlin M12 Java to Kotlin converter Navigation to Kotlin sources from Java Kotlin syntax … Continue reading

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Fibers and Actors in Kotlin with Quasar

In the previous post we mentioned that the Quasar library now supports Kotlin, providing awesome support for fibers (lightweight threads), Go-like channels, Erlang-like actors, and other asynchronous tools. Our friends from Parallel Universe have published a blog post that dives … Continue reading

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