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What’s new in Standard Library M13 and M14

Standard Library continues its evolution: Lazy<T> type has been introduced More concise syntax for storing properties in a Map Final changes in the Char arithmetics Plus and minus operations on a collection now depend on its type New scope functions: … Continue reading

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Call for Feedback: Java Statics, Result Expressions and More

Thank you all for the feedback we got on the previous call! Here comes another round of changes and adjustments. Your opinions and use cases are welcome.

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.3.0

We are happy to announce Kotlin Eclipse Plugin version 0.3.0. This release is loaded with new features: Kotlin M13 support Find references Parameter hints Select enclosing/next/previous element Override/Implement action Body conversion intention Debugger: Run to cursor Debugger: Step into selection … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording. Quasar: Efficient and Elegant Fibers, Channels and Actors

The recording of our September 16th webinar, Quasar: Efficient and Elegant Fibers, Channels and Actors, is now available on JetBrainsTV YouTube channel. In this webinar, Fabio Tudone shows how to use Quasar for creation of highly concurrent software. He covers … Continue reading

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Call for Feedback: Upcoming Changes in Kotlin

As mentioned before, we are wrapping up with the language design, and this post is a head-up for the upcoming changes + request for your feedback.

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Kotlin M13 is out!

It’s been a long summer, and we have a lot to tell you about Kotlin M13 (details below): Compiler daemon for faster compilation; lateinit properties to support dependency injection and other frameworks; sealed classes for expressing closed hierarchies; Specifying and … Continue reading

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Join Live Webinar — Quasar and Kotlin

Join us  Wednesday, September 16th, 16:00 – 17:00 CET (10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT) for our free webinar, Quasar: Efficient and Elegant Fibers, Channels and Actors with Fabio Tudone. Quasar fibers bring true lightweight threads to the JVM as well as Erlang-like actors, Go-like … Continue reading

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Feedback Request: Limitations on Data Classes

While M13 is approaching, we are planning a little ahead. This is a request for feedback on some future changes in Kotlin. We want to deliver Kotlin 1.0 rather sooner than later, and this makes us postpone some design choices … Continue reading

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