JetBrains C++ IDE: News, Plans and More

Update: Cross-platform C/C++ IDE goes public as CLion!

A while ago we announced that we were working on a cross-platform C++ IDE, and most of you have already seen the features list for it. Since then we have received a number of questions about this mysterious IDE, what it will support and when you will finally be able to see it. Well, we’ve got some news for you!

No, we don’t have specific release dates or any public early access builds at this point. But we can give the first private preview builds to a group of people to play with, once we have them naturally. Your feedback and comments will greatly help us to roll out the new IDE quicker, and you can be one of the first ones to try it.

Sounds intriguing? If you do feel like being an early bird, simply fill out this form to subscribe. Please take a moment to answer the questions about the project(s) you’re involved with, as it will help us pick the first group of lucky candidates and get a better idea of what you may need from a C++ IDE in the future.

Stay tuned for updates!

Yours truly,
The AppCode Team

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50 Responses to JetBrains C++ IDE: News, Plans and More

  1. I also expect further improvement in performance of the AppCode.

  2. Oskar Gargas says:

    I’ve been using AppCode since first public EAP. Then I used it as ObjC and C++ front end for Xcode projects. Right now it is primary IDE used in my diploma C++ project as well as im my iOS projects at work. When I was filling early bird form I couldn’t tell you that so I’m doing it now. 😉

    In addition you should add (at least in the form) Scons as a build tool as it is quite popular and continously growing.


  3. Erik Hellman says:

    Best news this week! 😀

  4. I am really looking forward to this, I hope this will enable me to switch from the dreadful Eclipse CDT, to something useful :)

  5. Kenichi Nakamura says:

    I like C++ programing.
    I also like python so I use your IDE (Pycharm)

    I wanna use C++ IDE!

    • Frank Nießen says:

      This is the same for me and my colleague here. Before PyCharm 3.x we have used the c++ plugin so far but native c++ IDE is really welcome; The plugin has stopped working im PyCharm 3.x

  6. Michael Burr says:

    On the questionnaire, several of the questions allowed only a single choice where multiple answers would be more appropriate.

    Those details probably aren’t terribly important to you, but they make it feel like I’m giving incomplete or misleading answers.

  7. Somebody says:

    When will you start to give these private builds to those who you choose?

  8. Magnus says:

    Will there be integration with Visual Studio, like ReSharper?

  9. Ivan says:

    Great news. What about Qt support?

  10. Mark Garcia says:

    In your C++ compiler selection, MSVC is not included, which is very weird considering that you’re also targeting the Windows platform. As what @Michael Burr has said, the options for the C++ compiler, debugger, build tool and IDE should be made into a group of checkboxes instead, as you know that many C++ programmers use various tools.

    Still, I’m very excited about this news. I hope you’ll make this new IDE in par with the quality of your great line of IDEs and tools.

  11. Josef van Niekerk says:

    Does this mean that IntelliJ will support integration with GCC compilers, as well as the GDB debugger used on Linux / Mac OS X?

    What about support for embedded development, which is mostly done in C?

    I currently use IntelliJ for PHP and Ruby, and would love to use for C and C++ too.

  12. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the beta release.

  13. Lexplua says:

    Great new

  14. Alan Stewart says:

    Can the C++ IDE support just C project development also?

    • Anton Makeev says:

      Yes, plain C support is also planned, though some C99 and C11 features may not be available in the first version.

  15. Nenad Mijailovic says:

    Great news! Now, give us something to play with!

  16. Alex Besogonov says:

    Are there plans to include C++ in the Ultimate version of IDEA? Would be really great to have a united IDE for all languages.

  17. Andrey Saksonov says:

    Is there plans to include C++ support (and Android NDK) to Android Studio?

  18. Syndog says:

    A proper C++ IDE not created and governed by Microsoft? I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid waiting for Santa Claus!

  19. Tristan Baruth says:

    After switching from a Java job to a C++ job back in December, I’m definitely missing IntelliJ IDEA. I’m really looking forward to this!

  20. Renaud Lepage says:

    Damn it. You really want my money, don’t cha.

    Also this is going to ROCK for Android NDK development. (as if Android Studio wasn’t destroying Eclipse enough.)

  21. Daniel says:

    so … whats the actual status ? when do i get my great ide ? next week, next month, next year or just next century ? i think some more details should be possible :)

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Right now we are working hard to release this new IDE. And we hope it happens soon, this century for sure :) Not so many details for now but follow the updates on the blog.

      • steven says:

        give me something to hold me(a fix) …please!!!! a screenshot …something. i really can’t wait.

        • Anastasia Kazakova says:

          We really appreciate your interest. And I assure you that more information is coming. Please be patient and follow the blog.

        • Syndog says:

          give me something to hold me(a fix) …please!!!!

          I’m right there with you, steven! Have faith, bro… the glorious day will come! In the meantime, we can all sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

  22. Has the private preview of C++ IDE started yet? I have registered for it back at December but have not heard anything since then.

  23. Jo-Herman Haugholt says:

    Learning that JetBrains was working on a cross-platform C++ IDE was the final prod I needed to start learning C++. Really looking forward to it, as I use PhpStorm and RubyMine extensivly.

  24. Rolando Martins says:

    Any news on the preview?

  25. faberd says:

    I’m very curious about this new IDE!
    I know you have said the preview will start asap, but can you give us a ballpark on that time frame? Will it be within days, weeks or months?
    Like others, I’d like to get my hands on it. Asap :)

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      We will start with the private preview when we are ready. Please, follow the blog. And thank you for your interest!

  26. zillias says:

    Can we at least have some kind of an ETA for the preview?

  27. Nik says:

    Do we have an expected release date yet?

    We’ve been semi-patiently waiting for over a year now. You guys do great work and I’m really eager to get my hands on your C++ IDE.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      We don’t have a public release fate at this point. We are running private previews now and after collecting the feedback will work over first public EAP.

  28. David Zemon says:

    Will assembly files be supported? At very least, basic syntax highlighting?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      When we start the public EAP you will be able to add features requests to the tracker and vote for the existing one. We will consider the requests, first the most popular set. So this can be a reosonable feature request.

  29. Piotr says:

    What about creating IDE for C# and ASP vNext? Is this real?

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