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Docker Remote Interpreters

PhpStorm 2016.3 gives a much easier way to configure a Docker remote interpreter, with configuration done from an extra config option in the Interpreters pane of the IDE.

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PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP 163.4830

The new PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP build (163.4830) is now available! You can download it here or, if you have installed the previous PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP build (163.4396), you should soon get a notification in the IDE about a patch update. This build delivers … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 2016.2.1 is out

PhpStorm 2016.2.1 build 162.1889 is available for download! If you missed the PhpStorm 2016.2 release, find out more about it on the What’s new page. If you are already using it, you’ll soon get a notification about available patch-update. Note: Please note … Continue reading

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Time Tracking Plugin in PhpStorm

If you want to take better control of your tasks and projects and measure the time you spend developing, check out the Time Tracking Plugin which was bundled with PhpStorm 2016.1 earlier this year.

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Joomla! support in PhpStorm

Recent versions of PhpStorm have come with increasingly improving support for the popular CMS Joomla! Here we take a look at some of the useful features from recent versions.

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Completion Changes in PhpStorm

Recent versions of PhpStorm have changed the way code completion works in PhpStorm, and it’s caused some confusion. Let’s take a look at how completion works in PhpStorm 2016.2.

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Parameter Code Completion in PhpStorm 2016.2

In PhpStorm 2016.2, we’ve introduced a new “automatic” live template that makes it easier to complete the parameters passed into functions, methods, or class constructors. Let’s take a look at how this works.

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PHP 7 Support in PhpStorm 2016.2

PHP 7 is gaining traction, and we’ve been working hard to try and make PhpStorm 2016.2 the best tool around for working with PHP 7.

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Docblock Improvements for @throws in PhpStorm 2016.2

Writing docblocks is slow and tedious, so any help that your IDE can give you is always useful. PhpStorm 2016.2 has improved the way that the @throws annotation is detected and generated to save you having to create these annotations … Continue reading

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Project Templates in PhpStorm 2016.2

Often in web development, we want to start a new project from a skeleton application that has all the scaffolding we need to get quickly started with coding. PhpStorm bundles with some of these templates, but in 2016.2 we’ve added the … Continue reading

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