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Parameter Code Completion in PhpStorm 2016.2

In PhpStorm 2016.2, we’ve introduced a new “automatic” live template that makes it easier to complete the parameters passed into functions, methods, or class constructors. Let’s take a look at how this works.

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PHP 7 Support in PhpStorm 2016.2

PHP 7 is gaining traction, and we’ve been working hard to try and make PhpStorm 2016.2 the best tool around for working with PHP 7.

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Docblock Improvements for @throws in PhpStorm 2016.2

Writing docblocks is slow and tedious, so any help that your IDE can give you is always useful. PhpStorm 2016.2 has improved the way that the @throws annotation is detected and generated to save you having to create these annotations … Continue reading

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Project Templates in PhpStorm 2016.2

Often in web development, we want to start a new project from a skeleton application that has all the scaffolding we need to get quickly started with coding. PhpStorm bundles with some of these templates, but in 2016.2 we’ve added the … Continue reading

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Import Cleanup Improvements in PhpStorm 2016.2

We’ve made some improvements in the way that unused use statements are detected in PhpStorm 2016.2.

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Xdebug On Demand for CLI PHP Scripts in PhpStorm 2016.2

You may have noticed recent versions of the Composer dependency manager has come with a warning if you have Xdebug enabled: Jordi added this warning because Xdebug does wondrous things when you are developing, but it slows down execution of … Continue reading

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Using External Tools in PhpStorm

In a recent ticket on YouTrack (our issue tracker), our community member Jared Morgan documented how you can use the “External Tools” feature of PhpStorm to run everyday tools from your toolchain from a custom key binding, without ever leaving … Continue reading

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Go To Implementation in PhpStorm

At a round-table discussion with Ben Marks (of Magento fame), the developers from Class Llama mentioned that they had a gripe with the “Go to declaration” functionality in PhpStorm.

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Working With Switch and If Statements in PhpStorm 2016.1

We’re all told that great developers refactor often (I looked for a quote on who said that, but couldn’t find anyone, so now it’s mine). Refactoring can be a tedious job, but PhpStorm’s intentions can help you break away from … Continue reading

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Webinar recording – What’s New in PhpStorm 2016.1

The recording of our April 18th webinar, What’s New in PhpStorm 2016.1 with Gary Hockin, is available on JetBrains YouTube channel.

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