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Debugging PHP and JavaScript code at the same time

When developing PHP applications for the web, chances are we’re also using a good amount of JavaScript with it. Using PhpStorm, we can debug the PHP code running on the server and inspect what is happening while it’s running. We … Continue reading

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Just-In-Time debugging and PHP Exception Breakpoints with PhpStorm and Xdebug

In every project comes a moment where code stabilizes and we don’t want to keep the debugger attached to our code all the time. Or maybe we just want to run our code and only attach the debugger when an … Continue reading

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Installing and Configuring XAMPP / MAMP with PhpStorm

Developing for PHP can be done in several ways. Some like to install all components they want to work with themselves. Others prefer downloading and installing a full “LAMP” stack at once. The latter can be done using XAMPP (Windows, … Continue reading

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Debugger Configuration Validation with PhpStorm

While it’s very straightforward to set up PhpStorm’s debugger, nothing is more frustrating than not getting it to work because of a tiny configuration mistake in php.ini. Speaking for myself, I’ve missed xdebug.remote_enable on a number of occasions, which usually … Continue reading

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Debugging with Smart Step-into

While debugging PHP code, we may sometimes reach a line of code which calls several methods. When debugging these lines of code, the debugger typically allows us to use Step Into and leads us through all child functions and then … Continue reading

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Simultaneous debugging sessions in PhpStorm

When building web applications with multiple tiers, we can have a situation in which frontend PHP code calls into backend PHP code. It’s easy to use remote debugging on the frontend, but what if we wanted to debug both sides … Continue reading

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Recording of PhpStorm 6 Webinar – More Tools to Develop Smarter, Not Harder

On Tuesday, March 26, we’ve held a free webinar where JetBrains Technical Evangelist for PHP and .NET Maarten Balliauw went through the most important features of the latest PhpStorm 6 release. The recording of this webinar can be found on … Continue reading

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New in 4.0: Easier debugging of remote PHP command line scripts

Many of PhpStorm users like to debug their PHP web applications and local command line scripts using our zero-configuration debugging approach due to its simplicity and comfort. This time we would like to announce that since PhpStorm 4.0 you can … Continue reading

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Debug command line scripts with PhpStorm 2.1

Hello everybody, Recently, we have been often asked to provide a detailed guide in debugging command line scripts. And finally here you are!

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New debug features in PhpStorm 2.1

Hello guys, Let’s talk about some new debug features available in PhpStorm 2.1.

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