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Introducing PhpStorm Video Tutorials

A lot of PhpStorm users have been asking us to create a series of video tutorials. Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of about two hours of video tutorials around PhpStorm which Maarten has been working on for the … Continue reading

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Working with UML class diagrams in PhpStorm

It can be really handy to have a schematical view of an application’s class hierarchy. PhpStorm lets us quickly examine our application structure by generating UML class diagrams. This can help us understand the codebase we’re working on and navigate … Continue reading

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Recording of PhpStorm 6 Webinar – More Tools to Develop Smarter, Not Harder

On Tuesday, March 26, we’ve held a free webinar where JetBrains Technical Evangelist for PHP and .NET Maarten Balliauw went through the most important features of the latest PhpStorm 6 release. The recording of this webinar can be found on … Continue reading

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Change signature refactoring in PhpStorm

A very powerful refactoring is the Change signature refactoring in PhpStorm. It enables us to modify a function signature in many ways: we can change the function name, change its visibility, add, remove and reorder parameters as well as rename … Continue reading

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Optimize Imports for PHP

Those of you who have already tried PhpStorm 6 might have noticed a lot of great additions to PHP imports support. In this post we would like to tell you about a long awaited feature: Optimize Imports for PHP.

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Refactoring for classes in PhpStorm 6: Move Class

Moving code around is an essential part of application design and maintenance, but it may become a tedious task in modern code utilising namespaces and the PSR0 file layout convention. Move Class refactoring is a reliable tool that will remove … Continue reading

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Refactoring for Class Members in PhpStorm 6: Pull Up and Push Down

As you work on a big project, you often face the need to refactor your code to maintain it properly. Likewise, there are many situations when you start to add functionality from the bottom of the class hierarchy and then … Continue reading

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PhpStorm & WebStorm 6.0 Early Access Program started

We are happy to announce the first public build of PhpStorm & WebStorm 6.0!

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‘Extract Function/Method’ refactoring for PHP

Hello guys, We are working hard on new features for PhpStorm 2.1, and the ‘Extract Function/Method’ refactoring for PHP is one of them. This feature has been available since the first PhpStorm 2.1 EAP(106.444), and we are looking forward for … Continue reading

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Productivity hints: Writing assignments with ‘Introduce Variable’ refactoring

Hello guys, Recently after demoing the PhpStorm to users on a conference I discovered that our practice of writing assignments “backwards” via “Introduce variable” was really surprising to users… Lets discuss what exactly we are doing and why. How do … Continue reading

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