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PhpStorm 7 Web Toolkit Series – npm, Karma, istanbul

Upcoming PhpStorm 7 release brings some new JavaScript features. We now have a built-in Node.js Package Manager that we can use to search for packages from npm. There’s also brand new support for the Karma JavaScript unit testing framework (and … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 7 Web Toolkit – JavaScript Templates & Web Components Support

As you may know, PhpStorm has all the WebStorm features available either out of the box or with free plugins in the repository. Thanks to this, PhpStorm 7 comes with support for .mustache and .hbs files and provides syntax highlighting, … Continue reading

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Better readability with PhpStorm’s improved syntax coloring

When we introduced Darcula with PhpStorm 6, we wanted to provide a dark look and feel which feels natural to a lot of developers (read an interview with the creator of Darcula). One of the advantages Darcula provides is that … Continue reading

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TextMate Bundles in PhpStorm

Projects may contain file types unknown to PhpStorm. While PhpStorm comes with built-in support for many programming and scripting languages, you may want to have syntax highlighting for project-specific languages. For example, a project may contain a shell script, or … Continue reading

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