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Vim as a Python IDE, or Python IDE as Vim

“Vim as a Python IDE” is a hot topic. Everybody knows Vim is an incredible text editor for typing and editing text very quickly and efficiently (if you are an experienced Vim user, that is). Moreover, it is highly customizable, … Continue reading

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Python 3.3 support in PyCharm 2.6

PyCharm has been updated to support the new language features of Python 3.3: New yield from expression for generator delegation The u’unicode’ syntax is accepted again for str objects New raise … from None syntax for suppressing exception context Reworked I/O exception hierarchy New venv standard … Continue reading

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Flask Support in PyCharm 2.6 EAP Build 121.84

Today’s Early Access Preview build of PyCharm brings with it a major new feature: PyCharm now supports the development of Flask Web applications. We’ve recorded a screencast to showcase the details and invite you to watch it: A special thing … Continue reading

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PyCharm at DjangoCons around the world

This month has started interesting for PyCharm team. We spent a week in Zurich, Switzerland attending our second DjangoCon Europe 2012. Amsterdam was great last year, but this one met our high expectations. Great event organization, cool venue (see picture … Continue reading

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Python IDEs panel video from PyCon 2011

Just a quick note: the video from the Python IDEs panel at PyCon 2011 has already been published. So if you’re interested to see a live demo of PyCharm done by its lead developer, along with demos of Python Tools … Continue reading

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Django development with PyCharm: new video on new JetBrains TV

We’ve just announced a new JetBrains TV site yesterday and already adding new content to it about PyCharm IDE: Django development with PyCharm. The short 5-min video gives a brief overview of main features starting from Django project creation to … Continue reading

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