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Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 10 is out

Hello guys, We’ve recently published RubyMine 3.0. Only a week has passed and we’ve already got loads of positive feedback from you, thus we want to heartily thank you for it, we here at JetBrains appreciate it a lot and … Continue reading

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RubyMine 3.0 Release Candidate — more nice fixes

Today we made RubyMine 3.0 Release Candidate available, which means we’re really close to the release. Hooray! Go grab it! Also, we’ll show you some small but pretty useful and handy features we added recently. 1. RubyMine 3.0 features an … Continue reading

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RubyMine debugger improved

Hello guys, During the last week we’ve been working hard on improving RubyMine built in debugger and here are some results. As you may know RubyMine uses ruby-debug-base and ruby-debug-ide gems inside its graphical debugger. Many of the problems experienced … Continue reading

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What’s mining: language specific highlighting in heredocs

Hello guys, Despite the fact that RubyMine 2.5 if going to be released soon, we still find place for some small but pretty useful features and want to share it with you. Now I am talking about language-specific code highlighting … Continue reading

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RubyMine 2.5 EAP (96.1146) – bugfixes, i18n and more

Hello guys, After publishing previous EAP version we’ve got complains on the editor jerking. New RubyMine build 96.1146 is dedicated to fix this nasty problem! Also we’ve made some performance optimizations which should reduce the CPU usage of RubyMine while … Continue reading

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RubyMine 2.5 EAP (96.1085): Spellchecker in VCS commit messages

Hello guys, The new academic year has just started, and we’ve prepared a nice handy feature for you. How often do you or your colleagues make typos in VCS commit messages? Often? Rarely? Sometimes? With new RubyMine 2.5 EAP it … Continue reading

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RubyMine 2.5 EAP (96.886): PowerSave mode

Hello folks, We are glad to publish new EAP version of RubyMine. The main feature of this release is a new PowerSave mode. It is not a secret that RubyMine CPU consumption is generally quite high which makes the IDE … Continue reading

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Rubymine 96.788: RCov, SCSS, more issue trackers

Hello guys, It’s been a long time since the previous EAP of RubyMine was published, and today we are ready to announce new RubyMine EAP build 96.788. The previous build had some problems with Ruby formatting, spellchecker and RSpec, and … Continue reading

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RubyMine 96.552 is here

Hello guys, today we are happy to announce RubyMine 2.5 EAP build 96.552. What’s in? Leaner CSS (LESS) support. More details are available here Magnifier mode for diagram RSpec 2 support Better Rails 3 support Mac OS UI Improvements Native Open file/directory … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Leaner CSS in RubyMine

Hello guys, Today are going to show you a brand new feature of RubyMine — LESS support. Information about this language can be found here.  LESS coding has never been so easy! What’s in? LESS syntax highlighting On-the-fly syntax checking … Continue reading

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