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What’s Mining: Chef Integration

Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce a plugin for RubyMine and IDEA that provides Chef support. It’s compatible with the last RubyMine Tsubaki EAP and Intellij IDEA 14 EAP. Following the main concepts of Chef the plugin introduces cookbooks, recipes and resources … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Multiple Cursors and Selection

Hello everyone, If you, as me, often dream of being in several places at once you will like this new feature coming to RubyMine from IntelliJ platform side! Please welcome multiple cursors and selection that you can already try in … Continue reading

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RubyMine Momiji Roadmap

Hello everyone, First, we want thank you all for the feedback regarding the latest RubyMine, we hope our recent changes really help you develop iOS and OS X applications with pleasure. But life goes on and we keep on … Continue reading

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Eating our own dog food. With pleasure!

Hello everyone, During this week we were trying our best to figure out what it’s like being on the other side of the fence! These days all the members of RubyMine team devoted themselves to development with RubyMine 5.4.2. As … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Testing RubyMotion Apps

Hello everyone, So… the life goes on And we have good news for those who are interested in RubyMotion support in the IDE. With the last RubyMotion update important features were added to make iOS apps testing support available for you … Continue reading

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RubyMine Enoki Early Access: RubyMotion is on Board

Hello everyone, The last few weeks we’ve been working hard to open the Early Access Program for the next major RubyMine version. The wait is over: please welcome RubyMine Enoki EAP! By the way, ‘Enoki’ is Japanese for hackberry (a kind of tree), in line with our codenaming … Continue reading

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RubyMine Nire EAP: Welcome Sinatra!

Hello Everyone, Summer is the time of light clothing, light thoughts and light music. And what about light frameworks? Sometimes you just don’t need all the Rails magic and prefer to use a micro framework instead.  So you’ve been asking … Continue reading

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Next RubyMine Nire EAP: Rails Engines and Mongoid Support

Hello everyone, I’m glad to announce the next RubyMine Nire EAP build (118.614) is ready to try out. We have some new cool features I want to tell you about. Rails Engines Support Many of you might like and use … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Inline Method Refactoring

Hello guys, RubyMine team recently was on New Year and Christmas holidays, less than a week has passed since our days off ended, however today we want to show you the new cool feature coming in 4.0 – inline method … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Faster Code Modifications with “Unwrap”

RubyMine makes code editing agile and easy with code fragment surrounding actions. To choose one just hit Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+T and invoke “Surround With” panel: From the last EAP version RubyMine also supports code fragment unwrapping actions, inverting the ones … Continue reading

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