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What’s Mining: Git Revisions Graph

Hello everyone, If you have already tried the last EAP version you might have noticed the new incredible Git revisions graph feature. If not, let me tell you about it. First of all, Git log now visualizes all the changes: … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Improved Type Hierarchy

Hello everyone, Next RubyMine 4.0 EAP build is on its way to you. It is very close! Meanwhile let me tell you about one more nice feature that will come with it. Now you can see the full type hierarchy … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: New Ruby Inspections for Better Code

Hello everyone, Writing a code that smells isn’t as terrible as it seems to be. But leaving an ugly code without changing it is much worse. Refactoring is one of the bases of development, and Ruby development is not an … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Show You Inherited Methods

Hello everyone, You know we focus a lot on the performance issues these days. But we don’t forget about other cool features. Let me show you the one, quite yummy… In the next EAP build you will be able to … Continue reading

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What’s mining: sweeter Cucumber in RubyMine 3.2

We’ve spent some time in this iteration to add some nice and smart features to Cucumber tests editing. Here’s what you can expect in RubyMine 3.2. And you can already try this in recent pre-release builds. Cucumber step usage search … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Advanced YARD support

Hello guys, Not long ago we wrote about the coming YARD support in RubyMine, and today it’s time to share some more with you. So, what have been done since then. First, RubyMine supports any syntax of types annotations supported … Continue reading

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What’s mining: understanding YARD

Hello guys, A few weeks have passed since RubyMine 3.1 release and RubyMine 3.1.1 bugfix update is almost ready. However today I want to show you some new cool feature — coming YARD support ( We’ve received a good number of … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Introduce parameter for Ruby is coming

Hello all, We’ve just celebrated RubyMine 3.0 release here but already working hard on a new stuff for you. And today I want to make a what’s mining-like post and a new feature I want to show is Introduce Parameter … Continue reading

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RubyMine debugger improved

Hello guys, During the last week we’ve been working hard on improving RubyMine built in debugger and here are some results. As you may know RubyMine uses ruby-debug-base and ruby-debug-ide gems inside its graphical debugger. Many of the problems experienced … Continue reading

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What’s mining: language specific highlighting in heredocs

Hello guys, Despite the fact that RubyMine 2.5 if going to be released soon, we still find place for some small but pretty useful features and want to share it with you. Now I am talking about language-specific code highlighting … Continue reading

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