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What’s mining: surround selected text

One small but handy thing that you’ve been asking for is the ability to quickly surround the selected text with quotes, single quotes, parentheses, etc. with a single key. We just did it for quotes! And will also add parentheses … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Extract Method Refactoring

We thought of making it “What’s cooking:…” but then realized we are not about food, we are about RubyMine, so — meet the new “What’s mining” blogpost series! One of the things that’s in the works right now is the … Continue reading

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RubyMine Rails-specific Code Completion

And finally, the Rails! Rails is probably why most of us is using Ruby, right? So, RubyMine helps coding when Ruby on Rails is used. Ruby on Rails Smartness #1 When a variable holds a model object RubyMine knows its … Continue reading

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More Types Intelligence in RubyMine

In the previous article covering type inference we’ve reviewed the following cases: Type Inference for local variables Detecting for index variable type Understanding true, false and nil But there’s more, much more… Let’s see more intelligence RubyMine shows when editing … Continue reading

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Type Inference in RubyMine

What is the one thing that some of us like and others dislike about dynamic languages such as Ruby? It is dynamic types of course! It is a blessing and a curse. And for an IDE that claims being a … Continue reading

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