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What’s mining: language specific highlighting in heredocs

Hello guys, Despite the fact that RubyMine 2.5 if going to be released soon, we still find place for some small but pretty useful features and want to share it with you. Now I am talking about language-specific code highlighting … Continue reading

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RubyMine 2.5 EAP (96.1146) – bugfixes, i18n and more

Hello guys, After publishing previous EAP version we’ve got complains on the editor jerking. New RubyMine build 96.1146 is dedicated to fix this nasty problem! Also we’ve made some performance optimizations which should reduce the CPU usage of RubyMine while … Continue reading

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Smarter introduce variable refactoring for Ruby

Do you use RubyMine’s introduce variable refactoring? You should, actually, as well as many other refactorings RubyMine offers. RubyMine 2.5 features an improved procedure for introducing variables, fields or constants. You no longer need to select the block you want … Continue reading

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Best IDE for Polyglot Programming — IntelliJ IDEA 9

Our neighbour IntelliJ IDEA team is now celebrating the release of IntelliJ IDEA 9, the best environment for polyglot programming and the most intelligent Java IDE, that also includes a free community edition now. Being build on the same platform, … Continue reading

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What’s mining: search for duplicates in Ruby

Hi all, It is always a pleasure to tell about new features! This time I’m glad to announce a brand new one that is coming in next RubyMine 1.5 EAP — “Locate duplicates”. It is another useful tool in RubyMine’s … Continue reading

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What’s mining: inline local refactoring

You’ve probably got used to utilizing the power of RubyMine’s refactorings, have you? One of the cool refactorings we have in RubyMine is ‘Introduce variable’ that lets you quickly create variable from a statement and replace all similar occurrences in … Continue reading

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Extending RubyMine with Ruby

As we have already mentioned in RubyMine Roadmap, the forthcoming RubyMine 1.5 will provide Ruby API for extending the IDE in idiomatic Ruby (no Java or XML). For this purpose the latest RubyMine EAP has built-in RubyMine Extensions Manager for … Continue reading

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Execute selected code in console

IRB console in RubyMine is a quick way to execute Ruby code. Here is a quick hint on how you can quickly execute some code from the editor. Tools | Start the IRB console Select a code Tools | Load … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Ruby support within HAML

As you may know RubyMine provides outstanding Ruby code editing support in Erb files (RHTML). So, salute another language with Ruby code support: HAML. Familiar things like on the fly error highlighting, code completion, resolve, code folding, and much more … Continue reading

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What’s mining: unused local variable or parameter inspection

Hello everyone, RubyMine already has a bunch of inspections that help you on the fly to write correct and clean ruby code. They are Ruby code style, Unreachable code, Unresolved Ruby reference etc. Recently we’ve added one more useful inspection: … Continue reading

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