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Play 2.0 support

We are announcing start of Play 2.0 support. Alpha version of new Play 2.0 plugin  for IntelliJ IDEA just released: It comes with basic template language support, which includes go to declaration, completion and some features inherited from Scala and … Continue reading

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Scaladoc 2 Support

Last releases are coming with full scaladoc 2 support Go to declaration and Auto completion for entity links and @throws tags       Go to declaration, Auto completion, Renaming and Generation by signature for @tparam and @param tags   … Continue reading

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Scaladoc web pages generation

This feature is available from build 0.5.142. Now you can generate Scaladoc html documentation for the entire project or custom scope from the IntelliJ IDEA. To use it, select “Generate Scaladoc” from Tools menu. Then you will see configuration dialog: After … Continue reading

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