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Real FSC support

Usual Scala compilation never seems fast enough. There are two main reasons why: It takes a lot of time to start Scala compiler and to process standard libraries. Scala compiler doesn’t support selective recompilation. The first problem is solved by … Continue reading

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Update nightlies daily

Generally, we recommend using nightly builds of Scala plugin to stay up to date in cutting-edge features and bug-fixes. Most nightlies are rather stable and may often work even better than “officially stable” releases. Although we can always download the … Continue reading

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Scala vs Kotlin vs Scala plugin

There are some concerns in Scala community surrounding the introduction of Kotlin. Besides arisen Scala vs Kotlin battle, there’s a question on whether JetBrains will continue to develop IntelliJ Scala plugin. To settle the doubts we would like to announce … Continue reading

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Insert imports on paste

For a long time Scala users have been deprived of conveniences offered by automatic imports insertion on code paste (which most Java-developers take as a matter of course). Now it’s time to take our revenge! Here’s where the main switch … Continue reading

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Of braces and parentheses

In Scala, you may often want to replace braces with parentheses and vice versa. For example, imagine that you decided to use curly braces in the following statement: It looks like not a big deal, but in practice it takes … Continue reading

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Highlighting of arguments to by-name parameters

In Scala it’s not always obvious when some expression is an argument to a by-name parameter. New highlighting helps to easily spot such expression.

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Signature matters!

In Scala, method signature semantics goes beyond method name, parameters and result type. The signature can also tell about whether a method has side effects, or whether a method represents a property. However, sometimes we forget about writing proper definitions … Continue reading

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Type-aware highlighting

Type-aware highlighting is a part of error highlighting that relies on type system. Some errors can be found without using type information, for example: Other errors, however, require a knowledge of entities type: Type-aware highlighting allows to spot such errors … Continue reading

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Project configuration explained

Although the work on new Scala project configuration is still in progress, a brief clarification may come in handy.

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Type Info and Toggle Type Annotation

Type Info hint (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T): Toggle Type Annotation intention:

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