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SBT Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Nightly Builds

We know that you have been waiting for SBT project support in IDEA too long. That’s why we make SBT plugin nightly builds available even before an actual release of the plugin. Features Though work on SBT plugin is still in … Continue reading

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A new way to compile

Together with the IDEA 12 release Scala plugin brings a brand new Scala compilation subsystem. Here are the main updates: The compilation is now “external”. Incremental compilation is now handled by SBT (instead of IDEA itself). Compile server is now … Continue reading

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Format and convert

The truth is that programmers often need to embed dynamic variables into static string patterns. To accomplish this feat we used to write something like: or even A good news is that Scala 2.10 brings a shiny new string interpolation: … Continue reading

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Embrace Recursion

Recursion is an essential tool in functional programming (FP) – it is the canonical way (and often the only way) to represent iteration. Being a hybrid object/functional language, Scala offers both recursion and imperative control structures (like do, while, etc) … Continue reading

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Cherish your packages

After the introduction of chained package clauses in Scala 2.8 we have the ability to rewrite “package” as “package foo; package bar” in order to automatically import all “foo” package entities (so, these two declarations are not equivalent). Scala … Continue reading

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Real FSC support

Usual Scala compilation never seems fast enough. There are two main reasons why: It takes a lot of time to start Scala compiler and to process standard libraries. Scala compiler doesn’t support selective recompilation. The first problem is solved by … Continue reading

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Update nightlies daily

Generally, we recommend using nightly builds of Scala plugin to stay up to date in cutting-edge features and bug-fixes. Most nightlies are rather stable and may often work even better than “officially stable” releases. Although we can always download the … Continue reading

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Scala vs Kotlin vs Scala plugin

There are some concerns in Scala community surrounding the introduction of Kotlin. Besides arisen Scala vs Kotlin battle, there’s a question on whether JetBrains will continue to develop IntelliJ Scala plugin. To settle the doubts we would like to announce … Continue reading

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Insert imports on paste

For a long time Scala users have been deprived of conveniences offered by automatic imports insertion on code paste (which most Java-developers take as a matter of course). Now it’s time to take our revenge! Here’s where the main switch … Continue reading

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Of braces and parentheses

In Scala, you may often want to replace braces with parentheses and vice versa. For example, imagine that you decided to use curly braces in the following statement: It looks like not a big deal, but in practice it takes … Continue reading

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