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Mutable/immutable collections prefix convention support

As described here we should prefer the following code style for mutable and immutable collection names: Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (nightly builds) now supports this code style by default. First of all, it brings useful code inspection, helping to … Continue reading

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Embrace Recursion

Recursion is an essential tool in functional programming (FP) – it is the canonical way (and often the only way) to represent iteration. Being a hybrid object/functional language, Scala offers both recursion and imperative control structures (like do, while, etc) … Continue reading

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New intentions for Scala

Intentions were extended with several new. Now you can simply switch between two different ways of writing expressions – infix and method call. Convert infix notation to method call (and vice versa) intention provides you this possibility. It appears when you put … Continue reading

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What’s changed in completion

Recently completion was improved, so I want to describe most significant changes: Basic completion works as Class Name completion in case if nothing found. If something is found, you can invoke second basic completion to observe classes, which you want … Continue reading

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Scaladoc 2 Support

Last releases are coming with full scaladoc 2 support Go to declaration and Auto completion for entity links and @throws tags       Go to declaration, Auto completion, Renaming and Generation by signature for @tparam and @param tags   … Continue reading

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What’s new in ScalaTest integration

Build 0.5.265 is coming with new cool features for ScalaTest. First of all it shows now outdated configurations. For example you removed test class, but your configuration is still here, then you’ll see that you shouldn’t try to run this … Continue reading

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Cherish your packages

After the introduction of chained package clauses in Scala 2.8 we have the ability to rewrite “package” as “package foo; package bar” in order to automatically import all “foo” package entities (so, these two declarations are not equivalent). Scala … Continue reading

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Evaluate Expression feature for Scala

Evaluate expression feature is available now in build 0.5.180. This feature is not fully implemented (and will not be in foreseeable future) and have beta quality, however even now it’s much more usable than it was using Java language. Supported … Continue reading

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Scaladoc web pages generation

This feature is available from build 0.5.142. Now you can generate Scaladoc html documentation for the entire project or custom scope from the IntelliJ IDEA. To use it, select “Generate Scaladoc” from Tools menu. Then you will see configuration dialog: After … Continue reading

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Show implicit parameters action.

I’m glad to introduce to you new feature of Scala plugin, which is coming with builds 0.4.1480 and 0.5.111 (depends on IntelliJ IDEA version). This called “Show implicit parameters action”, however it also can be called like “Go to passed implicit … Continue reading

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