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TeamCity 6.0 RC2 (build 15700)

Today we have become one step closer to TeamCity 6.0 release, and I believe this release candidate may be the last EAP before reaching the finishing line and publishing the major build. Our team is now focused on polishing TeamCity … Continue reading

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TeamCity 6.0 RC (build 15673)

As the major TeamCity 6.0 release approaches, the release candidate build is already available. Besides bug-fixes, it contains several enhancements and improvements. For example: dotCover coverage engine now reports statement coverage instead of line coverage. .NET coverage options are now … Continue reading

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TeamCity 6.0 EAP (build 15638)

New TeamCity 6.0 EAP build is now available with Gradle support described in previous post and several new features and major improvements: Improved upgrade procedure. First of all, we have reworked the upgrade procedure. Though it already was quite painless, … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Gradle Support

Java build tools are evolving constantly. Good old tools become better, while new tools appear frequently. One of the new ones, called Gradle, aims to bring together powers of Ant, Maven, Ivy, and spice them up with Groovy language. From … Continue reading

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