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TeamCity build status icon

With the upcoming version of TeamCity 7.1, it is now easier to get status updates on a build, by using TeamCity’s HTTP API . We have had this functionality in the past, however it hasn’t been straightforward to use and not the … Continue reading

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Get TeamCity artifacts using HTTP, Ant, Gradle and Maven

In a world of Java build tools there are several options to download and use binaries produced by TeamCity build configurations. You can use plain HTTP request, Ant + Ivy, Gradle and Maven to do so. This post provides working … Continue reading

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JavaScript Code Inspection Server-Side

If you use one of our intelligent IDE’s such as Intellij IDEA Ultimate Edition, WebStorm or PhpStorm, for any kind of Web development, then you might be familiar with the powerful JavaScript inspections they offer. With over 130 validation rules, ranging … Continue reading

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TeamCity Build Dependencies

Introduction The subject of build dependencies is neither a trivial nor a minor one. Various build tools approach this subject from different perspectives contributing various solutions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Maven and Gradle users who are familiar … Continue reading

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