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Kotlin Configuration Scripts: Working with Configuration Scripts

This is part two of the five-part series on working with Kotlin to create Configuration Scripts for TeamCity. An Introduction to Configuration Scripts Working with Configuration Scripts Creating Configuration Scripts dynamically Extending the TeamCity DSL Testing Configuration Scripts In the first part … Continue reading

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Benchmarking TeamCity

How many agents can be handled by TeamCity server? This is our official reply to the question in the title: The latest TeamCity version is known to work well with up to 300 build agents (300 concurrently running builds actively … Continue reading

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TeamCity evolution in the past 5 years

Dear TeamCity users! Every new TeamCity release brings lots of changes, and oftentimes we are not sure how successful they will be, or they might seem minor at the time. This is especially noticeable if we come across an old … Continue reading

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Welcome TeamCity EAP4 Build 31693

Dear TeamCity users, Time flies and we are pleased to announce the new TeamCity EAP4 build 31693. This release contains further improvements in projects import and over 100 bug fixes! This is the last EAP for TeamCity 9.0, chances are … Continue reading

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Quest for a better (My) Changes page

The previous post showed no pictures of the new Changes page, as some have pointed out Here’s an attempt to correct it and explain a bit more about the reasons behind the new concept. For the developer it is critical … Continue reading

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