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TeamCity on Docker Hub – it’s official now!

As the popularity of Docker is growing exponentially, Docker Hub has become a huge software distribution platform. Users publish their own images, companies start their official repositories, and everyone is happy. Up until now JetBrains wasn’t part of this. Then … Continue reading

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TeamCity 10 EAP 2 is out today

Greetings, everyone! We are proud to announce that TeamCity 10.0 EAP 2 build 41463 has just been released! One of the most exciting features of this EAP is the ability to create TeamCity projects and build configurations programmatically: using DSL based on … Continue reading

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TeamCity brings Azure Resource Manager support

Microsoft has recently introduced a new way to deploy cloud resources, so currently there exist two Azure deployment models supported by TeamCity as two separate plugins. The earlier Azure deployment model is in the feature freeze state and is now … Continue reading

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AWS CodeDeploy Runner plugin

Good news for those of you who use both TeamCity and Amazon Web Services, and those who for now stick with only one of the above, but are looking for a good integration. With the help of the new TeamCity … Continue reading

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TeamCity Digest #5

Please welcome the latest digest of new publications about TeamCity usage and different aspects of CI/CD processes that it covers. We’ll start this one with the post by Paul Stovell in the official Octopus Deploy blog about how some of … Continue reading

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TeamCity Take on Build Pipelines

Although it is possible to setup  build pipelines in TeamCity, you will not find the term “build pipeline” in the TeamCity web interface or even in our documentation. The reason is that we have our own term: “build chain“, which … Continue reading

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TeamCity Digest #3

We are continuing the series of our TeamCity Digests with this third compilation. As before, we are glad to share some content that attracted our attention recently. Hope you find it useful as well. Boris Modylevsky proposes to add some … Continue reading

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TeamCity Digest #2

We’ve decided to continue posting such digests every now and then, so that you could also benefit from the interesting content shared with us via twitter or other media. Here is the list of articles, videos, and other materials that … Continue reading

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TeamCity and NUnit 3: on the Same Wavelength

For the last couple of months we, the TeamCity team, have been working really hard together with the NUnit team, and today we are happy to announce NUnit 3 has been released and is fully integrated with TeamCity out of … Continue reading

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TeamCity Digest

As software builders, we always want to be on top of things, so we monitor the environment for anything new that comes up in the world of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Every now and then we stumble upon articles, … Continue reading

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