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Custom Workflows for semi-automated code review

At JetBrains, we make a lot of effort to help reduce the amount of boilerplate work that our users have to deal with. Even though code review is a process requiring human’s attention, there’s still room for automation. A brand … Continue reading

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Upsource Analytics: Activity Reports

You may have noticed that we have redesigned the Analytics section in Upsource 3.0 – the reports have become easier to use and more informative. In this post you will learn how to read Analytics reports in Upsource and what … Continue reading

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Peer Code Review from IDE

IDE is the habitual environment where most of us deal with code, be it changing something or exploring the code base. But our daily routines are not limited to coding, we’ve got a number of collaborative activities and tasks to … Continue reading

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GitHub Integration: why and how

Many teams tend to use GitHub pull requests for reviewing code changes, and it is completely understandable. GitHub is a popular choice for hosting Git repositories, and teams that keep their projects on GitHub naturally start to manage code reviews … Continue reading

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Introducing Monty 1.0, the Feedback Helper

One of the biggest challenges of Code Review is providing good, useful feedback. The kind that’s clear, straight to the point, and doesn’t turn a code review into a battlefield. The tools help us make changes visible, understand them and … Continue reading

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The ultimate way of sharing code

There are hundreds of tools that help teams to collaborate efficiently. They allow you to send messages, work on documents together, share links to all kinds of things in an instant. But what about sharing code? When you work on … Continue reading

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Mail system: more than plain notifications

Notification system is one of the vital parts in teamware web-based products. When using any collaboration service you would naturally want to stay tuned with certain things happening in your project. Upsource 2.5 comes with a significantly improved email engine … Continue reading

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Upsource + JIRA Integration

Did you know that you can integrate Upsource with JIRA? It’s super easy, and not only it’ll allow you to have links to JIRA issues in Upsource, you will be able to create JIRA issues straight from a code review … Continue reading

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Mysterious “Build System” Setting

From time to time we receive questions from our users about a setting called “Build System” under Upsource Properties on Project Setting page: The most common ones are: “Why do I even need to specify build system?” and “What does … Continue reading

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The one who searches, finds. Instantly.

Upsource is not only a code review tool, it’s also a repository browser that works with Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your repositories through a friendly UI. You can see what’s happening … Continue reading

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