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First Separate WebStorm 6 EAP Build 124.218

First, some news: starting this week we will be publishing WebStorm EAP builds separately from PhpStorm builds. This means separate announcements in our blog and on Twitter, separate download pages and slightly different publish dates. This also means no major … Continue reading

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Web Development tickets in YouTrack get new home

As you may know, we’ve got quite large piece of important functionality shared  between our products. Namely, you can use the same JavaScript, HTML and CSS support features in WebStorm, PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA and RubyMine. As each product has a … Continue reading

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Jade support in WebStorm 5

Hi there! Following many requests from you guys WebStorm 5 gets initial support for working with Jade templates. Let’s spend a couple of minutes and go through the current features. What you usually start from is the Doctype for resulting … Continue reading

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Tips on jQuery development in WebStorm

Hi JavaScript devs! There’s no doubt that everyone is using one or another library to access/manipulate the DOM, and jQuery is currently the most popular one. And WebStorm has lots of small but really neat features to help you coding. … Continue reading

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Join JetBrains and Win a Free Ticket to Beyond Tellerrand Conference!

JetBrains is happy to be a part of beyond tellerrand conference in Dusseldorf on November 20-22! We look forward to telling you all about our Web IDEs (and other products), answering your questions and sharing some tips and tricks. We’re … Continue reading

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If you care about the security of your projects (which you indeed do), you are sure to be glad to hear this: Web IDE now supports SFTP. Setup is simple: on the Tools menu, select Deployment, and click Configure Servers, … Continue reading

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PHP Debugger News

Today we would like to share with you several improvements for PHP debugger we added recently. They are available in the latest Web IDE EAP build #445. Debug session start action. You can choose the action to be taken when … Continue reading

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