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“Introduce Constant” refactoring for PHP

The “Introduce Constant” refactoring is very similar to the “Introduce Variable” refactoring – it creates a constant which holds the selected expression as the value and replaces it occurrences by reference to this newly created constant.

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Increase your productivity with “Inline Variable” refactoring

Hello guys, PhpStorm 2.0 brings you several new refactorings including “Inline Variable”. This is the first refactoring from the ‘Inline…’ refactorings family. “Inline Variable” replaces a variable with its previously assigned value and could be considered as reverse to the … Continue reading

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New Rename refactoring features in PhpStorm 2.0

Rename refactoring is one of the basic types of refactoring, and PhpStorm supports it since the early builds. This post will let you know about the new rename refactoring features available in PhpStorm 2.0! Advanced options for renaming named entities Rename … Continue reading

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PhpStorm/WebStorm EAP build 95.129

Release is really close and we’re happy to officially announce the pricing for both WebStorm and PhpStorm. In the meantime new EAP with significant amount of fixes and some facelifting and of course several neat features: HTML5 support in both HTML and … Continue reading

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JavaScript refactoring: Inline Variable

One of the major techniques to keep your code in a good shape is refactoring it. In the latest Web IDE EAP (#470) you can try the just added Inline Variable JavaScript refactoring. Inline Variable — replaces local variable occurrences … Continue reading

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