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WebStorm 6 Sneak Peek – TypeScript, Background Tasks, and Sourcemaps

This quick video will highlight 3 new features coming in WebStorm 6: 1. TypeScript support 2. Background tasks (AKA “built-in file watchers”) 3. Sourcemap debugging

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Dart support in WebStorm 6

As you know WebStorm 6 includes Dart language support out of the box. Let’s spend a couple of minutes and go through supported features. Note: You can install the Dart plugin both in WebStorm 5 and IntelliJ IDEA 12.

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High-speed coding with Custom Live Templates

Usually in our code we have a lot of pattern structures such as conditionals (if, else), loops (for, while, foreach), tag structures (HTML tables, ul listings) and others. One of the most important things we should think about while coding … Continue reading

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