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New in 5.0: Google Closure Compiler JSDoc annotations

Providing comments and annotations to your JavaScript code is a way to make it more definite and easier to read by other developers. It is especially important in large projects. Some static code analysis tools and verifiers take types and … Continue reading

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What’s cooking: Instant HTML/CSS editing preview

Rapid feedback is one of most important productivity features. Especially when working with something actually visual – HTML or CSS. While we have discarded the idea of “built in preview” – mostly because in 80% cases it wasn’t true – … Continue reading

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WebStorm 4.0: HTML5 Boilerplate and other Web Application Templates

When you’re creating a new project, it makes sense to begin with an appropriate starting template. WebStorm offers some well-known project templates to use depending on your needs: client-side – HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap and Kickstrap server-side – Node.js Express … Continue reading

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WebStorm 4.0 in Harmony with ECMAScript

Hello from JetBrains! The newest version of WebStorm is available for immediate download! WebStorm 4.0 targets developers who value code quality and are early adopters of the latest technologies, and brings innovative ECMAScript Harmony Support and Code Coverage in JavaScript … Continue reading

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Code Coverage for JavaScript Unit Testing

Measuring JavaScript code coverage naturally complements unit testing. It provides a clear picture of which parts of your code remain untested, and helps you focus additional tests on the uncovered code. From now on, users of JsTestDriver can measure code … Continue reading

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New in 4.0: Easier JavaScript Library Scope Configuration

As you may know from the previous post about JavaScript libraries in PhpStorm & WebStorm, the main benefit of specifying JavaScript libraries in your project is to populate a completion list with only relevant members. We have reorganized the configuration … Continue reading

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Attaching the sources of Node.js core modules

When developing a Node.js application it can be convenient to have code completion, validation and debugging capabilities for Node core modules (fs, path, http, etc). Unfortunately, these modules are compiled into the binary. So you have to download the Node.js source … Continue reading

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New in 4.0: Smarter ordering of JavaScript completion options

We are getting a lot of reports and ideas from you about the ordering of JavaScript completion options. So in WebStorm 4.0 and PhpStorm 4.0 we made small but important improvements. More relevant suggestions now appear at the top of … Continue reading

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New in 4.0: JavaScript.next syntax support

As you may know, there are different versions of the JavaScript language. Each JavaScript engine implementation adds some nice features that others don’t have. To make sure that you only use features suitable for targeted environments, choose an appropriate one … Continue reading

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One extra month of special WebStorm pricing!

Good news for those of you who missed the last promotion we ran! Since initially offering the discount on commercial licenses, we’ve received a lot of requests from our customers and decided to extend the promotion until February 29. Use … Continue reading

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