January 30, 2004


My name is Dmitry Jemerov, and I am the project lead of the project code-named "OmniaMea", currently developed by JetBrains. Some of you may also know me as the author of Syndirella, an open-source .NET RSS aggregator which was quite popular some time ago (and which certainly helped me to get a job at JetBrains).

The main topic of this blog will be the development of OmniaMea, and I'll also discuss other topics like .NET development, UI design and other things that interest me. The usual disclaimer applies - this blog is my personal writing space and does not always reflect the opinions of my employer.

I certainly hope that more of my colleagues take up blogging, but for now I'm the sole dweller of blogs.jetbrains.com. Our CEO, Eugene Belyaev, keeps a blog at his own site. Some colleagues also keep journals at LiveJournal, but they're all in Russian, so there's not much point in giving links here.

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