January 31, 2004

Answers to questions on OmniaMea features

Got some questions in Russian about the planned features of OmniaMea. Posting the answers here.

1. Do we integrate with Outlook tasks and contacts? Yes. The first beta will support contact synchronization in both directions. As of now, tasks can only be imported from Outlook.

2. What about import-export - for example, The Bat! address books? Most likely no, but this will be very easy to implement in a third-party plugin.

3. Are basic blogging features planned for any version? (I assume the user means support for posting to blogs.) Yes, but most likely not for 1.0. However, I'm working on RSS plugin enhancements in my spare time, and there's a chance that I'll find the time to implement this before 1.0. Maybe I'll just add support for IBlogExtension.

4. Do we plan to support WinFS? We are definitely looking into this, but it's too early to give any details.

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