February 04, 2004

OmniaMea name

Just to clarify: neither "OmniaMea", which I'm using here, nor "Rootle", which you can see on the screenshot, is the final name of the product. OmniaMea is the name that has been around for the longest time, so it's the name I'm using in the blog, but it's hardly suitable for a product name. It means nothing for the majority of people who don't know Latin, it's not clear how the name should be pronounced in English, and it's very hard to spell right (I've seen lots of incorrect spellings from different people so far).

As for "Rootle", that name is... shall we say, aesthetically unpleasing for some of my colleagues.

Posted by Dmitry Jemerov at February 4, 2004 05:34 PM | TrackBack

I would guess the origin of the name to be rather obvious, but it's probably just because I read too much dictionaries while a kid :)

IIRC, the phrase was "Omnia Mea Mecum Porto" and means "All that is mine I carry with me".

I just popped over to see what this OmniaMea one of my colleagues mentioned was, and your Haystack mention was very helpful; basically this is an application of Haystack concept on a more practicable level, it seems.

Posted by: Michael Bravo at February 18, 2004 07:01 PM
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