Lexik to Provide Symfony2 Trainings in France with PhpStorm

We are pleased to announce Lexik as our new PhpStorm training partner in France. Founded as a web agency in 2006, Lexik quickly began working with the Symfony framework and trained their engineers to become true certified experts. On top of their daily projects, they provide Symfony2 training for PHP experts, which now includes a bundled PhpStorm personal license.


In addition to using our PhpStorm IDE in the classroom, attendees will have access to one year of free product updates, and will be able to continue using PhpStorm for their own projects and learning well beyond the course. We have full confidence Lexik, having realized the in-house productivity gains that PhpStorm is able to provide, will help local companies achieve the same outstanding results with their trainings.

To learn more about Lexik visit: http://www.lexik.fr/.

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