JetBrains Mono — a new typeface made for developers

A year ago, we set a very ambitious goal – create a font to make working with code more comfortable for everyone. And we did it!


What’s the problem with other monospaced fonts, you might ask?

For the most part of our day we, as developers, look at the code. And it is no wonder that we are always on the lookout for the best font to make looking at the text on the screen easier on our eyes. However, the logic in many popular fonts does not always take into account the difference between reading through code and reading a book. Our eyes move along code in a very different way, often having to move vertically as often as they do horizontally, which is opposed to reading a book where they slide along the text always in the same direction.

Therefore, while working on JetBrains Mono we focused, among other things, on the issues that can cause eye fatigue during long sessions of working with code. We have considered things like the size and shape of letters; the amount of space between them, a balance naturally engineered in monospace fonts; unnecessary details and unclear distinctions between symbols, such as I’s and l’s for example; and programming ligatures when developing our font.

Today, we proudly present JetBrains Mono – a new open-source typeface specifically made for developers. Check out what makes JetBrains Mono unique in the big family of monospaced fonts and try it in your favorite code editor. Have a look at JetBrains Mono, your eyes will thank you for it.

Happy coding!

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JetBrains Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season

We are grateful to be able to share with you our best wishes for a happy holiday season and the upcoming new year. May our hopeful wishes give you the drive to develop and help to keep you warm, inside and out.

What a year it has been! The end of 2019 is just full of events for us and hopefully for you too. 1,700 attendees joined our annual KotlinConf 2019 this December in Copenhagen, Denmark, with thousands more watching the live stream. You may have heard already but in case you haven’t, JetBrains launched a brand-new product at the conference, Space – the integrated team environment. We are very excited about it and you can request an invite to join the early access program.

If you are looking to fill up some downtime over the holidays, this is a great opportunity to explore JetBrains Academy and take one of our updated IDEs or .NET Tools for a spin. All products inside JetBrains Toolbox have been updated to 2019.3 with IntelliJ-based IDEs getting faster startup times allowing you to do more faster next year.

Again, the whole team at JetBrains would like to wish every member of our community all the very best for the holidays. Whatever your passion is. Whatever you find meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

JetBrains is turning 20 years old in 2020, we have our yearly State of Developer Ecosystem survey coming soon, and there are lots of other things in the works. Stay tuned, next year is going to be epic!

Have a magical holiday season!

The Drive to Develop

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Rustlings Course Adaptation

The Educational Products platform provides support for a vast variety of modern programming languages, one of which is Rust, a modern multi-paradigm system programming language combining memory safety and high performance. It is best known for its reliability, efficiency, and an environment focused on your productivity. There are a lot of systems written in Rust, from low-level embedded ones to large scale web-servers.

Rust has one of the most supportive and engaged communities and, as a result, a very friendly onboarding process supported via “The Rust Programming Language” book and Rustlings.

We are excited to introduce the Educational Products adaptation of the Rustlings course – now available via the EduTools plugin!

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Best of JetBrains Toolbox 2019.3 Release

TL;DR Faster startup for all IntelliJ-based IDEs, better UI responsiveness, less UI and editor freezes, reduced memory consumption, and lots of new features are available in the 2019.3 product updates.

JetBrains Toolbox 2019.3 is Released

Hi JetBrains Friends,

We’re happy to deliver a bunch of updates for the JetBrains Toolbox 2019.3 family of tools. All the tools have had a polish and are ready to provide you with even more productivity in the new year.

We focused on the performance and quality of all the tools for the 2019.3 release of IntelliJ-based IDEs. The last two months have been a marathon for the JetBrains teams, and in that time we’ve fixed many bugs and developed many new features. We’re excited to share the results of all our hard work with you! Here are some noteworthy improvements we’ve made to all our IntelliJ-based IDEs:

  • Faster startup times
  • Better UI responsiveness
  • Fewer UI and editor freezes
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • The release also comes with lots of new features that you have requested.

    .NET tools 2019.3 Especially for .NET developers, Rider gets feature-rich T4 templates support, a cross-platform profiler for .NET Core and test coverage for Unity, and better performance. At the same time, ReSharper Ultimate introduces the brand new Localization Manager, cross-platform ReSharper and dotTrace command-line tools, and improves C# 8.0 language support.

    Please see a quick summary of the product news below.

    IntelliJ IDEA

    IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 This year’s third and final major release of our flagship IDE, delivers major performance and usability improvements. These improvements include faster IDE startup, overall better UI responsiveness, easier installation of theme and keymap plugins, and enhanced VCS workflows, and it adds support for microservices frameworks, MongoDB, and more.
    WebStorm 2019.3 comes with faster startup, significant enhancements in Vue.js support, even smarter code completion for JavaScript and TypeScript, and fixes for a lot of lingering bugs.

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    EduTools Plugin v3.2 Is Out!

    Please give a warm welcome to EduTools plugin v3.2! This update adds support for Catch, the C++ test framework, makes the Hyperskill integration more stable, and fixes lots of bugs. Read on for more details.



    For this update, we have focused on increasing the stability of the plugin and eliminating annoying bugs to make your educational experience smoother and more enjoyable. To find out more about the bugs we’ve fixed and the improvements we’ve added, please see our Release notes.

    Java, Kotlin, and Scala courses now support using Java 13, and the following features for educators are implemented:
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    A Work of Desktop Art

    There is a certain intangible beauty and satisfaction to be gained when the worlds of art and science come together to create a cataclysm of functional form with a mastery of technical skills.

    For many developers, coding is a form of creation and the code is their art.
    Our code-generated art is a testament to this.

    JetBrains Artwork Generator v3

    We’ve continually been developing the generator to make art from code, which we use internally to combine these two worlds and create beauty by striking the perfect balance between the experimentation of art and the cognizance of science. This may not be news to you. After all, we’ve covered the improvements we have been making to this generator over the years, from its first inception in 2017 to the later developments brought out in 2018.

    Now by the end of 2019, we are continuing to expand on the unlimited potential of the technology.

    What’s new

    We are using our code-generated art to create original artwork for all our splash screens, banners, and release graphics. Each product will have its own unique design to bring pleasing aesthetics to your desktop. 

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    Welcome to Space!

    Today at KotlinConf, we announced our brand new product Space, and we have already opened the Early Access Program.

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    JetBrains Academy Welcomes Kotlin On Board!

    In February, we launched JetBrains Academy – an educational platform for future professionals. We started with Java, and during these first months, we’ve worked to identify and adopt the learning concepts we believe in. Now it’s time to take it a step further. We’re excited to announce that the Kotlin track is ready for you!

    jba_learnersWe are passionate about learning and believe in the following:

    • Learning programming language concepts alone is never enough. The best way to learn is to go beyond lectures and learn by doing.
    • It’s never too late to pursue your dream job. Every learning goal is achievable with a step-by-step plan and instant feedback.
    • Mastering professional tools and creating a portfolio is an essential part of learning to program.

    If you share these values, don’t hesitate to join us and start learning!

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    Come Discuss Cloud-native Development at AWS re:Invent

    Are you attending AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas on December 2–6? So are we! And we would love to meet up with you!


    Visit the JetBrains booth in the Venetian Expo Area to meet the team and chat about how JetBrains’ tools can help you develop for the cloud. We have a ton of awesome features in our IDEs for developing cloud-native applications on AWS, including development and local debugging of Lambdas, CloudFormation and Terraform plugins to work with Infrastructure-as-Code definitions, remote debugging and remote interpreters for Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP. There is so much more to these integrations, and we are excited to show them off at our booth. And of course, there will be some swag to pick up as well!

    Also, if you are looking for a powerful CI/CD solution to support your cloud-native workflows out of the box, we would be happy to talk about TeamCity with you. TeamCity supports complex container scenarios and can dynamically spin up EC2 and ECS instances – all while optimizing your CI/CD pipelines to save up to 30% of your build time and resources. We’d be happy to arrange a personal demo for you to go over the possibilities.

    Book your time with a TeamCity expert right now – pick a time slot while they still last.

    Schedule a TeamCity Demo

    We look forward to meeting you at AWS re:Invent!

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