Please Vote for .NET Developers’ Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

This fall we nominated our products for several .NET Developers’ Journal Readers’ Choice awards.

The voting is already open, and we’d like to invite all of you to spend some of your time, to register and vote for JetBrains’ software (if you think it deserves the recognition, of course). Here is the list of nominations:

Best .NET Build Tools / Installers – TeamCity 1.0

Best .NET Editors and IDEs – ReSharper 2.0

Best .NET Profilers, Optimizers, Decompilers – dotTrace 2.0

Best .NET Source Control and Team Facilitator – TeamCity 1.0

Best .NET Testing, Q/A, and Debugging Tool – ReSharper 2.0

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One Response to Please Vote for .NET Developers’ Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

  1. John Hatton says:

    When I went to vote just now, Resharper was not offered as an option under 10) Best .NET Testing, Q/A, and Debugging.

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