IntelliJ IDEA at JavaOne 2013, Survey and License Winners

Woo-hoo! After a week in sunny San Francisco it’s time to share our impressions from JavaOne 2013. We really enjoyed hospitality of the city and of course a chance to see and talk to Java developers and IntelliJ IDEA users from all over the world. JavaOne remains the top event for Java community and a great place to meet with our fans.

Everyone who stopped by our booth had a chance to ask for a demo of IntelliJ IDEA and to get the “Keep Calm and Alt+Enter” T-shirt. This time we also ran a quick survey on the technologies and tools developers use in their line of work. A few hundred developers gave us their feedback, and we’d like to share the results with you.


What languages do you use?

Java: 98%; Groovy: 23%; Scala: 18%; Clojure: 3%; Kotlin: 2%

What frameworks do you use?

Java EE: 75%; Spring: 57%; Android: 29%; GWT: 15%; Grails: 12%; Play: 9%

What build tools do you use?

Maven: 72%; Ant: 53%; Gradle: 18%; SBT: 7%

As we promised, 20 lucky survey participants will get a free personal license for any of JetBrains products. Today we are happy to announce their names!

  • Ram Damisetty
  • Andreas Mueller
  • Dan Shinton
  • Jeff Harman
  • Steve Wendt
  • Raj Birru
  • Manish Jain
  • Ankoor Shah
  • Vittal Saidanore
  • Morgan Conrad
  • Sarang Shah
  • Russell Bentz
  • Kunfeng Chen
  • Toshihiro Okamura
  • Pawel Karpinski
  • Manoj Aryal
  • Denise Keys
  • Benjamin Sfard
  • Ravi Palusa
  • Dan Delany

If you’re on this list, you will shortly receive a personal email with detailed instructions on how you can claim your prize. Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone for your continued support!

About Andrey Cheptsov

Andrey Cheptsov is IntelliJ IDEA product marketing manager at JetBrains. He's passionate about productivity, programming languages and tools.
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