Bonjour Devoxx France. Win a Free Pass!

Devoxx France is an annual developer conference organized by the Paris JUG featuring renowned local and international speakers, with 75% of the talks being in French and 25% in English. This year the conference takes place in the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel, April 16th-18th, and JetBrains is happy to be taking part.


Win a free Devoxx conference pass

Do you want to attend Devoxx France, but don’t have a conference pass? Well, you just might get lucky. We are raffling six free passes among those who share a tip about their favourite IntelliJ IDEA feature on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #intellijtip and #DevoxxFR. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email on Tuesday, April 15th, 11:00 AM CEST.

Come by the JetBrains booth for a chat

Stop by our booth and check out some of the things we’ve been working on, such as our new Upsource Platform, the new features in IntelliJ IDEA 13.1, the latest Kotlin release and more.

Be sure to join our two sessions with Hadi Hariri:

42 IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks in 45 Minutes
Thursday, April 17th, 14:30 – 15:20, Seine B

There are so many features in IntelliJ IDEA, but we’re going to concentrate on just 42, and we’re going to try and show them in 45 minutes. That’s around 1 tip per minute because we need to leave 3 minutes for Hello, Welcome and Thank you. If a single one goes badly, we have less than a minute per tip. But here’s hoping it won’t.

Embracing HTTP in the Era of API’s
Friday, April 18th, 11:45 – 12:35, M. Davis

It’s all about REST in today’s world. Every service you look at, people are providing a REST API for it. Surprisingly, very few of these APIs are even REST, if we’re talking about REST as in a system that abides by a series of constraints making it RESTful. But the positive note is that it has brought to light the power of HTTP as an application protocol, something very often undervalued and misunderstood, even today. This talk is going to focus on the core values of HTTP for what it is. It will cover all aspects including: headers, error management, verbs, content negotiation, caching, security, messages, request and responses.

We look forward to meeting you in Paris!

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5 Responses to Bonjour Devoxx France. Win a Free Pass!

  1. William says:

    Any chance that the tips and tricks session could be recorded and made publicly available?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello William. We will need to wait and see if/when DevoxxFR conference organizers make the session videos available. It looks like they published Devoxx France 2013′s videos for free on

  2. Victor says:

    I’d like to see the recording of HTTP session as well!

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Victor, see my response to William…

      We will need to wait and see if/when DevoxxFR conference organizers make the session videos available. It looks like they published Devoxx France 2013′s videos for free on

  3. Noël says:

    I used to be an Eclipse user but thanks to my teammates I’ve moved to IntelliJ community edition, and recently installed the full version at work. Nice to know that JetBrains will be present at DevoxxFR, i hope you’ll have sweet deals during DevoxxFR :-)

    “Easter is comming.”

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