Dogfooding Kotlin and M3.1

After releasing Kotlin M3, we immediately started dogfooding Kotlin. Working on KAnnotator — a static analysis tool that will automatically infer nullability annotations for libraries — helps us tremendously at prioritizing issues. As a result, we roll out a bugfix update: Kotlin M3.1 (list of closed issues). We recommend to run it with the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP.

A few highlights:

  • A bunch of annoying exceptions and performance problems.
  • Referring to inner enums fixed.
  • Super-calls from object literals fixed.
  • A few back-end fixes, including bridge methods and debugger-related things.
  • You can now run all tests in a package/module.

BTW, this talk I presented at JavaOne a week ago covers some new features in M3. Slides are available here. Other talks can be watched here.


About Andrey Breslav

Andrey is the lead language designer working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains. He also works on making the Java language better, serving as a Java Community Process expert in a group for JSR-335 ("Project Lambda"), and occasionally speak at software conferences such as Devoxx or JavaOne.
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5 Responses to Dogfooding Kotlin and M3.1

  1. Steve Holmes says:

    Looks like it’s not in the maven repo yet at

  2. Steve Holmes says:

    Awww… even KUnit. Now it’s in my project. Thanks, team!

  3. asm0dey says:

    What is maven version of 3.1?
    And is it version, marked in youtrack as M4?

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