PhpStorm 8 Early Access Program started

phpstormeap8announcementToday we are glad to announce the start of Early Access Program for PhpStorm 8. A fresh build 134.1456 is available for download and we are waiting for your feedback in the Issue Tracker.

This build includes a bunch of new features, bug fixes and improvements from PHP, Web and IntelliJ platform sides (including long-awaited Multiple Selection – check the end of the post for more details).

From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • Source & Test directories for PHP: Matching for project structure and namespaces (as in PSR-0), Detecting PSR-0 structure on new project, Maintaining structure on new class creation and refactorings
  • Line comments now can keep indentation (see WI-14262 for more information)
  • Drupal 8 support
  • Improved formatting of chained calls
  • Quick Documentation for live templates
  • Local History for selected function, class or method
  • New PHP formatting options: Class fields alignment
  • Unwrap/remove action for control structures
  • New PHP debug feature: Copy array/object value path (in variable context menu)
  • Allow to generate multiple getters/setters for a field
  • Type inference: instanceof with OR, support for array access via constant
  • New intentions: Replace ternary expression with if, Simplify if, Fix function signature intention for unused function parameter
  • Notable bug fix: type inference doesn’t override @var property hints any more
  • and much more (see complete list in our issue tracker)…

WebStorm 8 EAP is available as well (read more in WebStorm blog), and from the Web side we are ready to deliver:

  • Advanced AngularJS support
  • Spy-js JavaScript tracing tool integration
  • New Live console in JavaScript and Node.js debugger that allows you to enter commands and code
  • REST client improvements: Cookies
  • Bower integration: search through Bower registry, manage components in the IDE
  • RequireJS aliases support
  • CucumberJS support
  • Less 1.6 support

And finally, IntelliJ platform side brings us many features including:

  • Live templates are now suggested in code completion
  • Code blocks automatically indented after closing a curly brace
  • Support for Windows/Linux HiDPI devices via -Dis.hidpi=true
  • Multiple Selection (the most requested feature in PhpStorm)

With Multiple Selection, we can put our cursor in multiple locations in our file and write code simultaneously in these positions. Press Alt+Shift on the keyboard and use the mouse to select the locations of cursors.

With Select Next Occurrence or Alt+J (Ctrl-G on Mac OS X) we can add the next occurrence of the current word to the selection and then easily replace it. Hitting Escape lets us work with one cursor again. Please note that Select All Occurrences feature is on the way and will be available in one of the next EAPs.

Let’s see how we can add some new lines and replace print with echo:

Multiple Selections in PHP code with PhpStorm

Multiple selection works with all languages supported by PhpStorm such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more. Autocompletion (Ctrl+Space) and live templates are also available with multiple selection.

Download PhpStorm 8 EAP build 134.1456 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

This build includes a 30-day time-limited license. There is no patch updates available.

Remember to install .zip & .tar.gz versions into completely empty folder. Do not just unpack over previous version!

Please note that 8.0 builds use separate settings folder so either automatic or manual import of settings may be required. 3rd party plugins may or may not be compatible with 134.x builds – please ping plugin authors in case of any problems. We gladly offer them our support.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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119 Responses to PhpStorm 8 Early Access Program started

  1. Zafer Latif says:

    Nice ideas. Thank you JetBrains <3

  2. Vladimir Droznik says:

    Are there any plans to add (or return back) highlight branch feature to git/mercurial repository browser tree viewer?
    It is very hard to work with tree when have 10-20 feature branches (hard to determine which were merged and which don’t)

  3. MBB says:

    Allow to generate multiple getters/setters for a field

    What for?

  4. Nice features, the multi-selection mode is very handy.

    What about Laravel integration (Blade highlighting syntax and so on….)?

  5. Martin says:

    +1 laravel support

  6. Catalin says:

    When are you going to include javascript features from Webstorm in Phpstorm( advanced angularjs, bower components)

  7. ksd says:

    Bye bye sublimetext. Multiple selection is the bomb!

  8. Andriy Bazanov says:

    Multiple selection — check for existing and post new tickets here:

  9. Bilge says:

    Who the f*** needs multiple selection? Who actually programs like this? This nothing that cannot already be solved just as easily with search & replace.

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      And .. what bothers you about it? If you aren’t using it right now in another tool then do not use it here as well — no one forces you.

      But to answer your question — lots (really — lots) of people have asked for that (that ticket is in TOP5 (or at least in TOP10) of most voted tickets). People got used to it in SL .. so they want it here as well. I’m not using it so I do not care .. but you know — it’s considered a cool feature .. and people these days like to have cool stuff around them (otherwise they do not look so cool as compared to other guys who use cool stuff, I guess…)

      In any case: it’s an IDE-wide feature and NO PhpStorm developer was involved in this .. so no dev time was taken away from PHP-related features.

      • Bilge says:

        Typing the same code in multiple locations is quite literally the enemy of DRY.

        • Mark says:

          You really have to use the feature to appreciate it. Nothing about this is *not* DRY.

          An example where I could have used this earlier today: I had just typed out a big long associative array mapping string keys to values. I later decided that I wanted all the keys to be lower case.

          With this feature I could have selected all the keys at once, and then toggled the case. Without this feature, there’s really no good way to do it. It’s not easy to write a regex that matches arbitrary array keys, and even if I did, I could still only toggle the case on one key at a time.

    • Jeera says:

      Ok, so you don’t use it so no one needs to? There are plenty of use cases where search/replace isn’t as practical or not fast enough.

    • How about refactoring and fixing someone else’s really bad code?
      Thankfully JetBrains has doesn’t have such a limited vision on my things.

  10. martian says:

    Please remove the Drupal logos from PHPStorm startscreen, a serious IDE should not promote some amateur spaghetti code such as Drupal’s. I liked the old start screen a lot more.


    • Peter says:

      You realize that Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten, right? It uses Symfony, Doctrine, Guzzle, Assetic and Twig libraries included via Composer.

      • Mikhail Vink says:

        Yes, we do realize that. And we support Symfony, Doctrine, Guzzle, Assetic and Twig libraries (and Composer tool) for quite a time, much earlier than Drupal 8 has become stable. We’ve performed an investigation of Drupal 8 features and architecture for sure. Is there anything in specific you are missing right now?

        • Andriy Bazanov says:


          • Mikhail Vink says:

            That was comment to Peter’s question on “You realize that Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten, right?” – may look a bit confusing due to wordpress blogs comments structure.

          • Andriy Bazanov says:

            Yes, I clearly understand that you have replied to Peter’s comment. Thing is — he replied to another person and not to JB staff/general comment and therefore your comment looks completely out of place — Peter did not complain (in that comment) about anything.

          • Mikhail Vink says:

            Oh, I see, sorry about that.

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      Where do you see Drupal logos in PhpStorm v8 startup screen? Care to post a screenshot with that?

      P.S. Yes, it was (well, still is) in v7 .. but not in v8 anymore.


  11. C. S. says:

    Multiple Selection ist great.

    But what about editing remote files directly, without having to download them?

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      Sorry, but that it not possible to implement (your “without having to download them”).

      The file still needs to be downloaded so it can be edited .. just other editors/tools doing that transparently for you in background .. so it looks like it’s done directly on remote side (and this is what they can / should be able to implement .. but not yet in the works …).

      • Don’t really care how this would works in the background. But it is a feature that would stop us from using other tools such as Coda or SSH terminal to do this. Often we need direct access to remote files. For instance config files that need to be different from dev environment. Also for quick debugging problems on a production environment. For me this is the only feature, I really miss in PhpStorm. Please, please implement this…

        • Dan says:

          You do know that if you set up a deployment server via SSH that you can use the built-in SSH console for that?

          Or download them from the deployment server into your project and then re-upload them?

  12. Mike Erickson says:

    I am trying to startup PHPStorm EAP 8 and it crashes on launch everytime. I converted my existing PHPStorm 7 settings and it is attempting to open all my previously opened projects (that is when it is hanging).

    Is there a way to startup EAP 8 without opening my previously opened projects so I can see if it is related to the projects or app in general.

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      1) Delete all settings for v8 EAP (while IDE is closed, of course)
      2) Launch IDE — it will ask if you want to import — choose not to (so you will have clean install)
      3) Open IDE settings and uncheck “reopen last project on startup”

      When you will be happy with v8 — repeat the same but import setting this time (or just copy most of the files across manually .. which is not recommended)

  13. +1 for Laravel and I believe with Multiple Selections, It just got a lot better for PhpStorm. Keep up the good work!

  14. Plazik says:

    Thanks for Drupal 8 support!

  15. Ioannis Pontikis says:

    I hope that this will be available in PhpStorm 8, as promised.
    Thank you

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  18. Artur Eshenbrener says:

    Please, please, please, please, fix this: in 8 version!

  19. Ben says:

    +1 laravel blade

  20. Oink says:

    I hope you guys don’t forget to fix previous new features. Search everywhere is currently not usable, because of search results issues. Sometimes you get results, sometimes not … It’s great to become new features, but it would be even better, when current features work well.

  21. Ivan Panteleev says:

    Please, vote for this:

    File Diff works really strange in PhpStorm!

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  24. William says:

    the interfaces font size is really small!!! had to force override to 12.. by default its like 8/7ish

  25. Dmitriy Garanzha says:

    Please, add support for git submodules:

  26. Pavel says:

    Is there anybody started to experience problems with the encoding in PHP after installing EAP?
    I can not imagine how do the EAP installation could affect this, but there are no any changes in the system, except EAP installation. (php-5.4.9)

    Just wondering if this could happen after the installation. php.ini unchanged.

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      No. All seems good to me.

      Your PHP file seems to be encoded in UTF-8. But standard DOS console does not seem to understand UTF-8 encoded text. I do not see how PhpStorm can break this for you (unless it uses wrong encoding — then check your settings/encoding for that file).

      Check this image:

      P.S. PHP 5.5.9; Windows 7 x64 SP1 ENG; locale: (“chcp” command shows codepage 850)

      • Pavel says:

        Yes, you right, the codepage was reseted. Based on the fact that CP was 437 (US), it could be due to the Windows Update (as one of the versions).

        Thank you.

  27. Josh says:

    Would kill to get fonts to look as good in PHPStorm as they do Sublime with Linux.

  28. Miklós says:


    Is there a chance for this ( getting into the mix for PHPStorm 8?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      Unfortunately, can’t get any estimates on this one. Please stay tuned and watch the issue to get updates. Thank you!

  29. Will the WordPress improvements make it into PhpStorm 8.0 or have to wait until 9.0?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      WordPress improvements will be available in PhpStorm 8.0 (and initially available in one of the next EAPs).

  30. Deryk Wenaus says:

    +1 for Laravel Blade support

  31. Jiri Jagos says:

    Hello Jetbrains,

    Is it possible to register the EAP IDE release? Or what happens after the default 1 month period expires?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      You can’t register your license in major release EAP build (30-day license is bundled), but we always release the next EAP before the current one expires (and it includes the next 30-day license).

      • Andre B. says:

        Mikhail, so you are saying that EAP builds do not require paid licenses as long as you update the release to the next EAP build before the 30 day license expires?

  32. Gaz says:

    Tip for anyone using a Debian/Ubuntu VM – you might need to use an alternative desktop environment to Gnome3.

    Gnome3 doesn’t seem to like the native key combinations for multiple cursors.

    I’m using VMWare Player, not sure if it affects other platforms.

    Multiple cursors work wonderfully in xfce.

  33. Alex Schmid says:

    Nice !

    Any news/plans on this?

    Would be really a great improvement for my daily work, maybe much more than multiple cursors ;)

  34. Guys, you are really late with PSR-0 support, cuz PSR-4 is a new standard already

    • Rafi B. says:

      PSR-4 is not a newer version of PSR-0.

      • Jack says:

        It was never suggested that PSR-4 is a ‘newer version’ of PSR-0, merely that it is a new standard.

        I’d like to weigh in here for a +1 on PSR-4 support. It’s not a massive change to PSR-0 and it’s a whole lot smoother so it would be great to see in PHPStorm 8.0. Hoping we’ll get some confirmation from the devs on this one :)

  35. Rafi B. says:

    Any reviews on stability and performance please?
    Stop trying to push your favorite feature/issue in release news.

  36. Hdd says:

    Can anyone tell me.
    Why show echo() input ech Enter?
    Why not echo “”;

  37. Artur Eshenbrener says:

    Mm, is the -Dshow.all.look.and.feels=true option still works? In phpStorm 7 it returns old LaF named “Alloy. Badouin Theme”. Is there any chance to use that LaF in phpStorm 8+?

  38. Jose Hernandez says:

    Is the road map at going to be updated with PHPStorm 8 new features?

  39. shiraz says:

    I was hoping to find a list of all the builds (need the list of bugs fixed by each of the builds) of phpstorm. can someone direct me as to how can i get that information.

  40. Christian Magill says:

    Is Live Edit support coming soon? I get errors on restart when installing the plugin.

  41. What does “Early Access Program” mean? Is it like Beta-Version? Will it be in the future automatically a Full-Version, if i put my bought License Code in it?

  42. Maxx Schober says:

    Is it possible to run PhpStorm 8 beside V 7.x?

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  44. Hai Nguyen says:

    An laravel templates support yet ?

  45. Ovidiu Badita says:

    I am new to phpstorm and I would love to try it. I Notice you support many frameworks. Is there a chance to support Codeigniter in the future? It is one of the most popular frameworks out there.
    Also, on javascript, support for angular is great to have, but it would be great to have built in support for extjs as well, since those frameworks are rather complex. If Codeigniter would be supported, I would move from netbeans with no regrets, since it is the framework I use every day.

    • Liubov Melnikova says:


      There is no ETA for Codeigniter specific features support, but we do have basic features support for most of well-known PHP frameworks. You can vote/comment for feature request on tracker: .
      As for extjs, it’s already supported, see: .

      • Ovidiu Badita says:

        This is a good news that you support extjs.
        I see that Codeigniter is sort of supportable, so that is good too. I will give it a try.
        I know that lots of people say CI is dead, but it is still used, so having code completion and access to methods, models and views, and simple navigation in project and connected files, is important. From what I read, with some comments, some managed to do it, some did not. I hope it will work out for me.

  46. Dario(Argentina) says:

    I’m working with an external server (Really it’s a vmware virtual machine) This external server, have a xampp installed. I’m using a LiveEdit plugin but It doesn’t work with an external server. is there are any configuration or any tool that I can use to edit html (wysiwyg) with PHPStorm?

  47. Max.wen says:

    Is there any possible to dev a new UI theme for Mac version?

    • Maxim Kolmakov says:

      What UI theme would you like to see?

      • Max.wen says:

        clean , Actually I like the Komodo IDE’s UI theme more. I use phpstorm on my Mac book. Everything looks so clean on OS X. But every time when I switch to phpstorm , there are so many UI elements … for example , there are always so much colorful blocks on the right scroll bar. Hope you could understand me :)

  48. David says:

    One more: +1 for Laravel Blade support

  49. Henrik says:

    +1 for Laravel & Blade

  50. Erik says:

    Yes please. Blade support is a must. Huge influx of users from the Laravel community and I think this would help immensely.

  51. kinstrife says:

    +1 for Laravel

    Why is it so easy with Sublime Text and not here ?

  52. Hai Nguyen says:

    + 1 for Blade, please update

  53. Darren says:

    +1 fort Laravel 4 support and its blade templating.

  54. Miroslaw Karczmarczyk says:

    + 1 for Blade from me :)

  55. Is it possible to have installed both version 7 and 8 EAP? During installation version 8 asks me to uninstall 7 version however if I don’t mark anything to uninstall I still can go to next step. So the question is – if I install it and don’t uninstall 7 version – will both versions work without a problem? I’d like to try 8 EAP but in case something doesn’t work I would like to have access to 7 version.

    • Maxim Kolmakov says:

      Yes, it’s possible. Version 8 and 7 uses different configuration folders so it’s possible to run them even simultaneously.

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