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Handling Email Feedback Using YouTrack

Hello everyone! Thanks to our users, we receive lots of feedback every day. You post questions in our forum, create issues in our bug tracker, and, of course, you send us emails. If you get feedback emails on a regularly … Continue reading

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Issue Trackers Integration, Tasks and IDE Contexts

It happens quite often that we juggle a number of tasks during the day. A lot of windows/tabs are open that sometimes cause us to lose context. Now there’s a better way to handle this. With the help of  IDE … Continue reading

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JetBrains Bug Tracker YouTrack as a Hosted Service Goes Beta!

Do you like JetBrains bug tracker? Do you feel that hosting a YouTrack server at your premises would be a bit overkill? That’s not a problem anymore because today, we’re launching YouTrack Hosted Service as a beta! You can get … Continue reading

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