ECMAScript 6 in WebStorm: Transpiling

For some time now WebStorm has supported ECMAScript 6 (a.k.a. ECMAScript 2015), the future standard for JavaScript. While its features get more and more support in modern browsers and runtimes (see the Kangax compatibility table), to deploy your ES6 code you still need to compile it to ES5.1, the current version of JavaScript.

In this blog post we’ll have a look at some of the options that WebStorm offers to help you with this task.

But first things first: set ECMAScript 6 as the JavaScript version in WebStorm’s Preferences (Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript).


WebStorm will start providing smart coding assistance for ES6, including code completion, on-the-fly inspections, navigation for modules and classes, and more.


At the moment Babel and Traceur are the most commonly used transpilers. You can configure and use them via WebStorm’s File watchers. This approach is good for compiling files on the fly for some experiments and debugging. For production-ready code, it might be worth using these transpilers in your build process — and WebStorm can also help you here too

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Plugin overview: Wallaby.js, continuous test runner

This is a guest blog post about wallaby.js, third-party plugin to WebStorm, PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, RubyMine, PyCharm. The plugin is a separately sold commercial product, but is currently free to try out.

Wallaby.js a is a continuous test runner that outputs results directly into WebStorm. It uses dependency analysis to only run tests affected by changes and it solves the fundamental issue of being able to provide an instant feedback from your tests as you write your code, no matter how large your codebase is. You can quickly get an idea about how it works from this two minute WebStorm video this short video.


JavaScript ecosystem is very diverse. Wallaby.js is designed to quickly and painlessly adapt to ever changing of web development landscape and to get you covered whatever your technology stack is. It supports browser environment with all of its frameworks like Angular.js and node.js and io.js, require.js, TypeScript and CoffeeScript, ES6 and ES7, Browserify and Webpack, React JSX and much more.

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DailyJS survey results 2014: technologies WebStorm users use

Every year DailyJS, a popular blog on JavaScript development, runs a Developer Survey among their readers. We decided to have a closer look at the results of the 2014 survey which polled over 4000 developers. (Kudos to DailyJS for making raw data publicly available.)

We were wondering how many developers rely on WebStorm and IntelliJ IDEA for their daily tasks. Another interesting question was whether their choice of frameworks, tools and practices differs in any way from the original DailyJS results.
Here’s what we found out.

About 27% of respondents mentioned that they use IntelliJ IDEA or WebStorm.
It’s worth noticing that about 9% mentioned WebStorm as their tool of choice, even though WebStorm wasn’t one of the suggested options in the question.

Compile-to-JavaScript languages

80% don’t use any compile-to-JavaScript languages. However, among those who do use these languages, there’s a slight shift towards TypeScript for IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm users:

  • Among all participants: CoffeeScript – 16%; TypeScript – 5%.
  • Among IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm users: CoffeeScript – 12.7%; TypeScript – 8.5%.
  • Among WebStorm users: CoffeeScript – 9.7%; TypeScript – 10.5%.

Front-end frameworks

AngularJS proved to be one of the most popular frameworks among survey participants, with 49%. It’s even more popular among WebStorm users, or put another way, WebStorm is popular among AngularJS developers. 63% of WebStorm users mentioned that they use AngularJS for their projects.

React, a newcomer in this year’s survey, is used by 17% of IDE users.

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WebStorm 10.0.2 Bug Fix Update Available

The second bug fix update, WebStorm 10.0.2 (build 141.728), is available for download.

We’ve addressed a number of recent issues, bringing fixes and improvements in JavaScript, TypeScript and CoffeeScript support, Karma integration, and more. The whole list of the fixed issues is available in the release notes for 141.728 and 141.614.

We encourage everyone to update. The patch-update from WebStorm 10.0.1 is going to be available within an hour. You’ll get an automatic update notification in the IDE.

Please report any bugs and submit feature requests on our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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spy-js TypeScript, CoffeeScript, ES6 support, advanced search and navigation

While WebStorm celebrates its 10th version anniversary, spy-js is proud of its third major release within this awesome IDE. Here’s a quick sneak peek at the new spy-js features available in WebStorm 10.

Source maps, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, ES6 via Babel/Traceur/etc tracing support

From day one, spy-js was capable of tracing JavaScript code execution. Later on we added ES6/ES2015 support for engines that can execute it. Now it’s time to bring some of its love to other languages compiled to JavaScript! Today I am happy to announce that the newest spy-js can trace TypeScript, CoffeeScript and ES6 code transpiled to JavaScript with Traceur/Babel (former 6to5) or any other transpiler (given it can produce the source map).

Let’s see how this can be done. I’ll use TypeScript for the example, but you can use CoffeeScript or ES6 just as easily.

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WebStorm 10.0.2 EAP, 141.614: more TypeScipt 1.5 support and bug fixes

A preview build for WebStorm 10.0.2 (build 141.614) is now available for download!

Please note that this update is  available as part of the Early access program, it doesn’t require an active license. We would really appreciate your feedback on our tracker.

WebStorm 10.0.2 EAP brings lots of fixes in JavaScript and ECMAScript 6 support. Furthermore, we’ve been working on the TypeScript 1.5 support improvements. For Dart projects WebStorm now automatically notifies you about Dart SDK updates.

The whole list of addressed issues is available in the release notes. Patch update is available for WebStorm 10.0.1 users.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 10.0.1 Bug Fix Update Available

A bug fix update, WebStorm 10.0.1 (build 141.506), is now available for download.

This update fixes the problem with the Node.js run/debug configuration requiring Node.js v0.11 or higher by default (WEB-15970). The full list of fixed is available in the release notes.

We encourage everyone to update. The patch-update from WebStorm 10.0 is going to be available.
And if you haven’t updated to WebStorm 10 yet, great time to do that – go ahead and download WebStorm 10.0.1!

Please report any bugs and submit feature requests on our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 10 released: improved JavaScript support, TypeScript 1.4, V8 profiling, and more

Today is a big day for us, as we roll out WebStorm 10, a major update of your favorite JavaScript IDE. You can download and install it right now!


This 10th anniversary release strives to meet your highest expectations, including language and technology support, fast performance and powerful features:

  • Improved JavaScript support: We’ve completely reworked support for JavaScript and added lots for enhancements in ECMAScript 6 support.
  • TypeScript 1.4 support and built-in compiler: Instantly provides a compiled JavaScript file and highlights any compilation errors in the editor.
  • Application dependency diagrams: This new feature in spy-js allows you to visualize and explore your app structure based on the runtime data.
  • spy-js support for source maps: Enjoy spy-js features for any languages compiled to JavaScript.
  • V8 profiling for Node.js apps: Capture and analyze V8 CPU profiles and heap snapshots to eliminate performance bottlenecks and fight memory issues.

Other noticeable updates include brand new Distraction-free mode, improved Grunt integration, simultaneous HTML tag editing, project-wide Dart code analysis, and HiDPI support for Windows and Linux.

For a more detailed overview please visit What’s new in WebStorm 10, and download the IDE for your OS.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 10 Release Candidate

WebStorm 10 Release Candidate (141.318) is now available for download on the WebStorm website (where you can also have a quick tour around the new features available in WebStorm 10). The alternative distribution for Mac OS users with the bundled custom JDK 1.8 is available here. The update from WebStorm 10 Beta will be available as well.

As you might guess, WebStorm 10 release is around the corner, so your feedback is critical for us. If you find any bug at all, please file an issue on our tracker.

Please note that to the release candidate build requires an active license (or you can start a 30-day trial period). To see the list of the issues addressed in this build, please go to the release notes.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 10 beta, 141.224: improved Grunt integration and fixes

We’re getting really close to the WebStorm 10 release, and today we WebStorm 10 beta available for download. So go ahead and get WebStorm 10 beta (141.224) on our website.

No active license is required. The update from the previous EAP build (140.2753) is available, but you might need to restart the IDE manually after that. If you’d like to try WebStorm with bundled custom Java 8 on your Mac, you can get it here.

This update brings the improved integration with the Grunt task runner as well as lots of fixes and minor improvements (please see the release notes).
If you experience any issues, please report them on our tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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