Running and debugging Node.js application

Updated on June, 18 2014

Let’s continue our series of posts and tutorials on Node.js development in WebStorm.
Our first post covered the basic WebStorm configuration for working with Node.js projects. Now let’s move on to running and debugging Node.js apps both locally and remotely.

Running Node.js app locally

WebStorm allows you to run Node.js application locally on your machine: you should create a Node.js Run/Debug configuration for the file you need to execute and click Run.

To create a new Run/Debug configuration, click Edit configurations in the top right corner of the IDE window, or in the main menu Run. Click Add new configuration and seleсt Node.js type.

In this new Run/Debug configuration, specify the path to the JavaScript file that needs to be executed. For example, for a simple Express web app it should be a file that configures and starts the web server.

You can also add any parameters you need to pass to node (Node parameters input) or to your application (Application parameters input) on the start.


Update: Starting with Express 4.0 file www.js in bin folder needs to be executed to start the app. When creating a new Express web application in WebStorm 8.0.2 or higher, the required Run/Debug configuration will be created automatically.

Select this new configuration and click Run. The Run tool window with console will appear showing the app execution log.


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WebStorm 8 EAP (build 134.1081): Bower, improved spy-js and AngularJS support and more

Thank you for participating in WebStorm 8 Early Access Program! We started it almost a month ago and today we’d like you to try the next EAP build.

Download links you can find on WebStorm EAP page. This build is free and can be used for 30 day, not active subscription is required.

Here is a short summary of new features in it:

  • spy-js: seamless automatic proxy configuration on start, instant display of detailed call stack for selected event, autoscroll to trace option, exclude list for events and files you don’t want to trace, improved UI
  • AngularJS support: code assistance for ng-repeat and improved code completion inside {{}}, improved support for ui-routing
  • REST client improvements: Cookies
  • Bower integration: search through Bower registry, manage components in the IDE
  • RequireJS aliases support
  • Less 1.6 support

We’d also like to mention that we’ve implemented a workaroud that solves the issue with Node.js debugger: now by default node starts with –nolazy flag.

Read more about spy-js, Bower and REST client in this post. Or have a look at the release notes.

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Introducing WebStorm Video Tutorials

With the help from our technical evangelist John Lindquist we have prepared a set of short videos that cover some of the core features of WebStorm IDE.

These video tutorials should be a good starting point for users who are new to WebStorm and just starting to explore its features.

Right now there are 10 videos, and we’re going to add more to the playlist on JetBrains YouTube channel.

So, what’s available right now?

Stay tuned!

Subscribe to JetBrains YouTube channel and follow @WebStormIDE on Twitter to be notified of new videos.

Develop with pleasure!
- JetBrains WebStorm Team

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[Live Webinar] Node.js Development Workflow in WebStorm, February 20th

Join us Thursday, February 20th, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT (10:00 – 11:00 AM PST) for our free webinar, Node.js Development Workflow in WebStorm with Adron Hall.

In this webinar, Adron Hall will cover his development workflow for Node.js projects in WebStorm. He’ll start with creating a simple Node.js project and setting up the IDE to make it easier to work with the code. From there Adron will dive into TDD/BDD flow with Mocha test framework and WebStorm followed by debugging tests & code.

Space is limited; please register now.

Our webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency who use WebStorm and also IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm or RubyMine for Node.js development. The recording will be available within a week after the webinar.

Adron HallAdron Hall goes by the title, “Coder, Messenger, Recon.” He is passionate about coding and loves seeing technologies built and technologies come together. Having vast experience with many different languages, Adron now focuses on building JavaScript apps. He uses every chance to share the knowledge he has gained over the years in workshops, one-on-one mentoring, pair programming or directed training. Adron’s personal blog is
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WebStorm Wins InfoWorld’s 2014 Technology of the Year award!

WebStorm IDE was announced as a winner of InfoWorld’s 2014 Technology of the Year Award. Every January InfoWorld’s reviewers select the best tech products they encountered in the past year – the best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services.

The WebStorm team is very excited to be 1 of 35 best products being awarded.

Martin Heller, InfoWorld’s reviewer describes WebStorm as,  “an incredibly productive and capable IDE for Web development.” The full review is available on InfoWorld website.

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WebStorm is Going to O’Reilly’s Fluent Conference 2014

March 11th – 13th, meet the WebStorm team and John Linduist (JetBrains Technical Evangelist) at O’Reilly’s Fluent Conference in San Francisco, California. We would also like to meet with developer communities in the Bay Area before or after the event.

The annual Fluent Conference is an event focused on JavaScript, HTML5 and other web technologies attracting developers and UX/UI designers from top companies as attendees and speakers. This year, Fluent covers the full scope of the Web Platform and its associated technologies including: WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, Node.js, AngularJS, ECMAScript 6 and more.

We would like to offer anyone who is interested a 25% discount for the Fluent conference passes with the code JETBRAINS25.

We’ll be very excited to meet you at our booth and answer your questions. Dennis (Project Lead), Alexander (Developer), John (Technical Evangelist), and Ekaterina (Product Marketing Manager) will demonstrate the current features of WebStorm 7 and WebStorm 8 EAP. Moreover, John is going to give an AngularJS talk on Thursday, March 13th.

If you’re interested in inviting the team to your user group meeting or company, please contact Ekaterina Prigara, WebStorm Product Marketing Manager, at Ekaterina.Prigara AT or leave a comment here.

We hope to meet you there!

Develop with pleasure!
- JetBrains WebStorm Team

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Getting Started with Node.js in WebStorm

Node.js is definitely a hot topic in web development. Here at JetBrains, we can really see how its adoption is growing among WebStorm users. To address this trend we’d like to make a series of posts on Node.js development with WebStorm.

Let’s start with the basics: How to configure WebStorm to work with Node.js projects?We’ll go through the steps required to create a new Express app as an example.

Click Create New Project on WebStorm Welcome screen and select Express app template:

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WebStorm 8 EAP Starts Now

Big news!
Today we are starting the Early Access Program for WebStorm 8. You can download the installation file for your OS on WebStorm EAP page. Yay!

By now, we’ve implemented several new features from the WebStorm 8 development roadmap and we would like to get your feedback. We’ll continue to add more and more new features with upcoming EAP builds.

Here is what you can try right now:

  • Advanced AngularJS support
  • Spy-js JavaScript tracing tool integration

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WebStorm 7.0.3

WebStorm update version 7.0.3 is ready! Check for updates and install it right from the IDE or download it on the product website for fresh install.

WebStorm 7.0.3 update brings you lots of bug fixes and improvements, but also a bunch of new features coming from IntelliJ IDEA platform update.

What you should try in WebStorm 7.0.3?

First, have a look at new minimalistic UI - toolbar and tool window are hidden by default (you can always invoke View | Toolbar and View | Tool Buttons).

Second, try new Search everywhere feature – invoke it with double-Shift or with the magnifying glass icon at the top-right and search for a class, action, symbol or file instantly.

Lens mode helps you preview different parts of the file and navigate to the lines you need.

Also now WebStorm has full support for Subversion 1.8, new log view for Git and Mercurial and much more.

Here are the release notes. If interested, please also check notes for EAP version.


If you are experiencing problems with WebStorm 7.0.3 installation on Windows, please, try to download WebStorm 7.0.3 once again using one of the alternative mirrors:

If this doesn’t help, try .zip as an alternative distribution package:

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains WebStorm Team

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[Webinar Recording] Exploring WebStorm Tool Windows

WebStorm logoThe recording of our December 19th webinar, Exploring WebStorm Tool Windows with John Lindquist, is now available on our JetBrains YouTube Channel.

In this webinar John covers all of the built-in tools included with WebStorm that surround the edges of the IDE (i.e. “Tool Windows”): Debugger, Todo, Bookmarks, Favorites, StructureTerminal. John shows how each of the tools fit into your daily development workflow and how they integrate with managing and working with your codebase.

Our webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency who use WebStorm or work with JavaScript, HTML and CSS in IntelliJ IDEAPhpStormPyCharm or RubyMine.

We also recommend you to watch the recording of our previous webinar, WebStorm Tricks and Tips [watch here], John talked about the basic productivity features that WebStorm offers.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains WebStorm Team

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