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Support for CSS in GWT ui.xml files

If you use GWT you may be interested to know that the first IntelliJ IDEA X EAP build fully understands CSS code inside <ui:style> tags of ui.xml: The editor also provides coding assistance when you’re using CSS classes declared in … Continue reading

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JavaScript debugger improvements

In the latest IDEA 9.0.2 EAP build the new ‘Scripts’ tab is available in JavaScript Debug tool window: It displays all scripts loaded by Firefox in a tree-like structure and allows to open a script in the editor to set … Continue reading

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GWT UiBinder support

The first IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 EAP build will add support for UiBinder, new functionality introduced in GWT 2.0. IntelliJ IDEA will understand tags and attributes in ui.xml files: Inconsistencies between ui.xml file and associated Java class will be highlighted: You … Continue reading

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Update a Running JavaEE Application

Next Maia EAP build includes new action that lets you quickly update a running JavaEE application after you changed its code. To invoke it, either press Ctrl+F10, or click this button on the Run tool window bar: IntelliJ IDEA will … Continue reading

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New Ways of Setting up Packaging Configurations

IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) brings a more powerful and flexible way to set up packaging configurations (artifacts) for your project. Artifacts are configured in Project Structure dialog: Output layout of an artifact is displayed in a tree. You can edit … Continue reading

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Upgrading Event Listeners to GWT 1.6

Google Web Toolkit 1.6 replaces EventListener class with EventHandler, so the existing code base needs an upgrade. In most cases IntelliJ IDEA can do this automatically — all you need to do is to press Alt+Enter on a highlighted listener … Continue reading

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Debugging JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

IntelliJ IDEA 9M1 supports debugging of JavaScript code in Mozilla Firefox. Just create a JavaScript Debug configuration, select Firefox from the Browser list and click OK:IntelliJ IDEA automatically installs plugin for Mozilla Firefox and executes the configuration.Note that you need … Continue reading

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Google App Engine Support

If you are developing a Java application for Google App Engine, try Google App Engine Integration plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. It will be bundled with the first Maia EAP, but you can download it right now and use with IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Quick Navigation to Project Structure

To change settings of a module that hosts the file you are currently editing, just press Alt+F1, 7 or open the View menu, select Select In and click Project Structure.IntelliJ IDEA will open the Project Structure dialog and jump to … Continue reading

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