Support for GWT ClientBundle and CssResource interfaces

If you use Client Bundle interface in a GWT application, you will enjoy an advanced navigation and coding assistance that IntelliJ IDEA 10 provides.

ClientBundle methods will be marked with icons allowing you to quickly navigate to a corresponding resource:
ClientBundle navigation

For interfaces implementing CssResource IntelliJ IDEA will also check that Java interfaces methods are consistent with CSS classes CssResource inspection

and will suggest to automatically add missing methods:CssResource fix

Download IntelliJ IDEA X EAP builds to try this new feature.

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3 Responses to Support for GWT ClientBundle and CssResource interfaces

  1. Christian says:

    The improvements in IDEA X look already great to me, especially the improved GWT support. Since GWT 2.1 will feature some major enhancements within the GWT framework: will IDEA X support some or all of these features for example the MVP infrastructure, RequestFactory etc. ? I’m thinking of the currently available commands that allows one to create remote services etc.

  2. Nikolay Chashnikov says:

    Could you please clarify in details which features related to GWT 2.1 you want to see in IDEA? Feel free to post topics with your suggestions to our forum ( or create feature requests in our tracker (

  3. Paulo Silva says:

    Is it possible to select which css classes should IDEA generate method in cssresource? Right now (10.5 EAP) I can only generate all missing methods

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