Support for GWT ClientBundle and CssResource interfaces

If you use Client Bundle interface in a GWT application, you will enjoy an advanced navigation and coding assistance that IntelliJ IDEA 10 provides.

ClientBundle methods will be marked with icons allowing you to quickly navigate to a corresponding resource:

ClientBundle navigation

For interfaces implementing CssResource IntelliJ IDEA will also check that Java interfaces methods are consistent with CSS classes CssResource inspection

and will suggest to automatically add missing methods:CssResource fix

Download IntelliJ IDEA X EAP builds to try this new feature.

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3 Responses to Support for GWT ClientBundle and CssResource interfaces

  1. Avatar

    Christian says:

    August 10, 2010

    The improvements in IDEA X look already great to me, especially the improved GWT support. Since GWT 2.1 will feature some major enhancements within the GWT framework: will IDEA X support some or all of these features for example the MVP infrastructure, RequestFactory etc. ? I’m thinking of the currently available commands that allows one to create remote services etc.

  2. Avatar

    Nikolay Chashnikov says:

    August 11, 2010

    Could you please clarify in details which features related to GWT 2.1 you want to see in IDEA? Feel free to post topics with your suggestions to our forum (http://devnet.jetbrains.net/community/idea/ideacommunity) or create feature requests in our tracker (http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/IDEA).

  3. Avatar

    Paulo Silva says:

    May 17, 2011

    Is it possible to select which css classes should IDEA generate method in cssresource? Right now (10.5 EAP) I can only generate all missing methods

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