Welcome to the new JetBrains PhpStorm Blog

Dear JetBrains PhpStorm friends,

We would like to welcome you in a new blog fully dedicated to JetBrains PhpStorm – professional IDE for PHP developers. For a while we used to have a joint blog for both PhpStorm and WebStorm IDEs, but it’s the very time to let these products have their own separate resources to make our visitors get the most relevant information on the product they use without any distraction or inconvenience.

Please note that PhpStorm’s twitter channel is renamed to @PhpStorm – make sure you follow us – all the current followers of former @webide twitter account don’t need to re-follow a new account, all the followers have been transferred automatically during the rename process. WebStorm has got its own twitter account @WebStormIDE.

And, if you found a good replacement for Google Reader, it is also a good idea to subscribe to PhpStorm blog RSS to receive all the updates immediately.

Stay tuned for more news, announcements and releases, and keep developing with pleasure!

– Your JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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3 Responses to Welcome to the new JetBrains PhpStorm Blog

  1. Sebastiaan van Stijn says:

    I really hope that front-end (JavaScript, CSS HTML) related issues will also be posted here. Having to keep up with two separate blogs would make the decision to separate PhpStorm/WebStorm a step backwards.

    After all, web-development is not separated into ‘coding only’ and ‘frontend only’ developers in most situations.

    • PsychodelEKS says:

      Absolutely agree. I use PhpStorm, and mostly for php development, but enjoy all this cool stuff like Emmet and etc. Hopefully WebStorm blog would be a “lighter” version of PhpStorm blog without “php” news, and this one would include all in its turn.
      I personally was not annoyed by reading webstorm news, only if there were some interesting changes, which were available in the latest webstorm eap builds exclusively.
      All in all, there were not that much news to have two separate blogs imo.

      • Sebastiaan van Stijn says:

        Couldn’t agree more, even if no new ‘PHP’ features were announced, reading about (for example) JavaScript Source Maps was interesting stuff.

        In my situation, PHP/Backend assist the front-Enders when JavaScript becomes complicated as well, to there’s never a 100% separation between tasks

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