JetBrains PhpStorm and JetBrains WebStorm have their own separate resources. This WebIDE Blog is Closed

Dear friends,

For quite a while we have been sharing this blog and other resources for both PhpStorm and WebStorm IDEs. We came to the conclusion it’s time to let these products have their own separate resources. This way our visitors can get the most relevant information on the product they use without any distraction or inconvenience.

From this moment this blog is closed. No new comments or posts will be published in this blog. Everything already published will remain available.

From now on, please follow the new PhpStorm Blog and/or WebStorm Blog to get the most relevant information for the product you use.

Please note that @webide twitter channel is now renamed to @PhpStorm and will tweet only PhpStorm-related information. Make sure you follow us! All current followers of the former @webide twitter account don’t need to re-follow a new account, as they have been transferred automatically during the renaming process. WebStorm has got its own twitter account @WebStormIDE. Make sure you follow it if you want to get all the tweets on WebStorm IDE.

Also, if you find a good replacement for Google Reader, it is also a good idea to subscribe to PhpStorm blog RSS or WebStorm blog RSS to receive all blog updates immediately.

Plugin repositories are already separated, and discussion forums will be separated soon.

Develop with pleasure and follow the right JetBrains resources!
– Your PhpStorm Team & WebStorm Team

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