Built-in Local Terminal in PhpStorm 7

We already have a built-in SSH terminal for PhpStorm 7 EAP. The latest drop adds a related feature: the Tools | Open Terminal… menu gives us access to an embedded Local Terminal!

The built-in Local Terminal comes with coloring, as you can see from the above screenshot. Let’s try vim inside our IDE to edit php.ini:

We can copy/paste from the Local Terminal and open multiple sessions if needed. Don’t worry, it works on every operating system supported by PhpStorm.

Give PhpStorm 7 EAP a try and let us hear your thoughts in the issue tracker, through the comments below or in our forums!

Please also check more information about built-in SSH terminal and remote tools.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

P.S.: This feature is also available in PyCharm and WebStorm.

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41 Responses to Built-in Local Terminal in PhpStorm 7

  1. Gregor says:

    This is a really good feature.

    Thanks for implementation!

  2. Irakli N. says:

    Completely unnecessary. Stay focused, concentrate on your core features. There’re plenty of free and OS-provided terminals already available. Nobody needs a subpar one integrated in IDE.

    Spend time on where you excel.

    • Felix says:

      Only because YOU don’t want to use it and YOU think it’s unnecessary, it doesn’t mean others think the same. I think this is a great feature.

    • Jared says:

      I beg to differ.. when I work on my Windows box, I dread using the clunky terminal(s) and ssh clients. If the Storm team can provide a terminal into the IDE that more closely mimics the Mac/Linux varieties, I would be so happy.

      • Bastien says:

        If you use Git Bash (which I strongly recommend), you can set the terminal path to :
        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\sh.exe" –login -i
        Works like a charm, and even coloration !

        • Mikhail says:

          Thank you!
          Such a helpfull comment!

        • Bastien says:

          Be careful, depending on windows versions, this path can change. I just figured it out on my new job computer, the path is :
          C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe -login -i
          (no more quotes)

    • daniel says:

      I agree with Irakli N.

      I’m really losing the interest in phpstorm, because i can’t find any new & for me interesting and important features (except the php5.5 support) in the last releases…

      SSH Console
      Just more CLI Features
      All the new Web Templates Support

      How many of the phpstorm customers need this?
      Most of this “features” aren’t any big deals for developers, we all are able to use the CLI without phpstorm;)

      What i really miss are such great improvements like http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/PhpStorm+Advanced+Metadata and not to implement all the new webhypes into the core. (there’s a great plugin system, why not provide all the symfony,drupal,less, etc… features as plugins)?

      • ScrubStevenson says:

        “How many of the phpstorm customers need this?”

        only the ones that are not wordpress scrubs and do some real development, with version control, dev/staging servers mirroring production environment, dependency management and all the things that makes you a better developer

      • Peter Finkel says:

        SSH Console
        Just more CLI Features
        All the new Web Templates Support

        ALL the things I missed from PHPStorm. EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of those was a more than welcome thing for me.

    • Jack says:

      Irakli please not spreak for all of us! I for ones love that phpstorm will have this! I like to have to run only one app inplace of a extra termainal and so on!

    • I completely differ from your point of view.
      Since PhpStorm is an IDE -Integrated Development Environment-, I don’t understand what’s the big deal with having all the necessary tools in order to do my daily tasks easier…

  3. exfrromtheleft says:

    It’s a nice to have features, but it’s not the most necessary one, i am linux user and will have no problem switching back and forth betweeen pHpStorm and the terminal.

    so i sort of agree with the first commentator…

    But this version 7 seems to be really great!

  4. Totally agree with Irakli; what’s the business case for replicating something that most developers already have a good solution for? I don’t even use the Database tab in PHPStorm, because I have a perfectly adequate one on my system.

    Make PHPStorm faster to respond when I switch back to it from another app. That’s the killer-function for you. Everything else is just gravy.

    • Andrey says:

      Terminal is nice feature, sometimes its very useful.

      But i agree about ‘Database’ tab – this is really useless feature…at least not with such low feature list. I would like to use PhpStorm for DB designing/exploring, but now it’s tooooo weak.

      • Oleg says:

        I would like to disagree with you about the Database Console being a useless feature. It has proven to be very useful to run multiple queries and to easy switch between them. And its history feature is one a kind. The Database Console saves a lot of keystrokes and mouse clicks. It is not possible to have all of that with let’s say PHPMyAdmin. I stopped using the latter for almost anything except making SQL schema changes.

  5. Rob says:

    Hi, with Vagrant installed. I went to Tools > Vagrant > Init In the project root
    Located to “C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\bin\vagrant.bat” but when I run it the “select vagrant executable” closes then opens again. Is this a known bug?

    (I can run vagrant from cmd fine)

  6. Joey Novak says:

    Awesome!! I haven’t yet found a windows shell I like, and I hope this fits the bill. No more right clicking on a directory and doing “Git bash here”.

    Thank You JetBrains!

  7. Computerz says:

    But control-c doesn’t work here… At least not by default. Is there a fix for this? It’s just unusable without such a basic command.

  8. Phill says:

    Having an additional tool to use is great! This particular tool has been on the backlog for a while now with JetBrains, I saw it was introduced with Android Studio before PHPStorm. Since JetBrains makes great tools that can be used by all their IDE’s they offer, why not add this to PHPStorm? If you think something is missing or want a feature in PHPStorm that is not there, check out the roadmap http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/PhpStorm+FAQ#PhpStormFAQ-Can%27tfind%3Csomedeclaredfeature%3E BTW Thanks JetBrains and the PHPStorm team for adding this feature, now my terminal is a hotkey away!

  9. Harold says:

    Really cool feature!!! I always loved the integrated terminal in Geany.

    Unfortunately, keys like ctrl-left/right, alt-backspace, etc don’t work :(

  10. Prakash says:

    What is the shortcut to navigate between multiple terminal tabs ?

  11. Adam says:

    Would be nice if multiple terminal options could be set, so you can choose which terminal you want to run.

    For example, on windows, the default is cmd.exe. It would be nice if I could choose between cmd and git bash, and whatever else.

  12. Loving the terminal in the IDE. The I stand for intergrated, so integrating the terminal is logic.

  13. Ross Larson says:

    I’d love keyboard shortcuts for command history search (Ctrl-R for mac) and Open new terminal window (Command-T for Mac). They would make the experience nicer.

    • Ross Larson says:

      I forgot to mention that I’m using ZSH.

      I figured out a fix.

      Open Preferences->Keymaps.

      Step 1 – Remove the shortcut for VCS:Update Project and Run:Run.
      Step 2 – Continue using zsh shortcuts.
      Step 3? – Profit.

  14. colster says:

    Is it possible to use cygwin / mintty.exe instead of cmd.exe in the webstorm terminal?

    I can change the terminal settings to C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe but it launches a new window instead of embedding it in webstorm.

  15. zhishaofei3 says:

    cmd can have color it? Still only git only color ?

    • Liubov Melnikova says:

      Console has colors now, they are customizable here: File | Settings (Preferences for Mac OS) | Editor | Colors&Fonts | Console colors.

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