Early Access Program

PhpStorm 7 Early Access Program started

We are happy to announce the start of Early Access Program for PhpStorm 7. A fresh build is available for download and we are eager to get your feedback in our Issue Tracker.

This build has tons of new stuff and fixes for PHP & Web development and a latest updates of IntellJ Platform.

From the PHP side we are glad to announce:

  • PHP 5.5 support: generators, coroutines, finally keyword, list in foreach, using empty() on the result of function calls and other expressions, class name resolution as scalar via class keyword, constant array/string dereferencing
  • Drupal Plugin: integration for modules, themes and core development. Hooks (completion for hook declaration, quick documentation, navigation to hook invocations), automatic assistance in development environment configuration, command line tool integration for Drush, Search in Drupal API. Please read full tutorial
  • Smart Step Into (PHP Debug)
  • Extract Interface refactoring for PHP
  • Built-in SSH terminal
  • Automatic alignment of PhpDoc comments at edit time
  • Smart line split on Ctrl+Enter (Cmd-Enter)
  • INI plugin is bundled

PHP-related notable bugfixes include fixed issue on extra closing brace after type cast, rearranger enhancements, preventing debugging session termination if watchers evaluation fail, and more.

WebStorm 7 is in EAP stage for a while by now (read more in WebStorm blog), so from the Web side we are ready to deliver:

  • Completely redesigned JavaScript debugger backend for Chrome based on WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol
  • Redesigned Live Edit: working from within a debug session context
  • “Elements” tab in the JavaScript debugger is introduced, showing the live contents of the page being edited
  • Remote and local run configurations for JavaScript debugging are now merged
  • New structure view, breadcrumbs and suppressible inspections for SASS/LESS/SCSS
  • Beefed up REST Client with requests history, import/export, compressed responses and other improvements
  • Initial support for TypeScript 0.9, including the support for generics
  • Support for istanbul code coverage engine for JavaScript
  • Initial support for Web Components
  • Integration with Karma test runner (currently works only with karma@canary)
  • Code insight support for package.json files

The ItelliJ Platform v13 brings lot of different improvement too – you can find detailed release notes for all platform changes in IntelliJ IDEA EAP builds 130.754, 130.962, 130.1030, 130.1105 – all the relevant changes are included in PhpStorm 7 EAP build.

This build includes a 30-day time-limited license. No patch updates available.

Remember to install .zip & .tar.gz versions into completely empty folder. Do not just unpack over previous version!

7.0 builds use separate settings folder so either automatic or manual import of settings may be required. 3rd party plugins may or may not be compatible with 130.x builds – please ping plugin authors in case of any problems. We offer them our support.

Download PhpStorm 7 EAP 130.1176 right now and file all the bug reports and feature requests to the Issue Tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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