PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.940

PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.940 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build brings:

  • PHP 5.6 support is added (exponentiation, use const, use function, constant expression, variadic functions, argument unpacking). There are some PHP 5.6 related issues in progress, make sure to have a look in the issue tracker before reporting problems. See WI-22263 for details.
  • New formatting option: Convert long to short array syntax
  • Improved UI for Remote Interpreter configuration
  • many bug fixes and improvements (see full list in our issue tracker)…

IntelliJ platform and web changes are also included.

See full release notes for a list of changes.

Download PhpStorm 8 EAP build 138.940 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Patch-update will be available within an hour from the previous EAP build (PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.826). *Update* We’ve fixed the issue with Mac OS patch, and re-uploaded it. Patches are OK now for all platforms. Sorry for inconvenience.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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45 Responses to PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.940

  1. Stanislav says:

    And what about phpdbg support?

  2. Gabor Toth says:

    Cannot patch-update on mac, says every file is absent :(

  3. Andriy Bazanov says:

    This build shows me this error upon launching (on Welcome screen). As result — no plugins loaded AT ALL (Settings | Plugins) is empty..

    Plugin Error
    Error loading plugins:
    Plugins should not have cyclic dependencies:
    Plugins were not loaded.

    If I open any project — IDE suggest me this:

    Plugins Suggestion
    Features covered by IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition (JavaScript Debugger) are detected.
    Check IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition
    Do not suggest Ultimate Edition
    Correct the above error and restart IDEA.

    • Maxim Kolmakov says:

      Could you please provide your list of custom plugins with their versions?

      • Andriy Bazanov says:

        From idea.log (for previous build)
        2014-07-03 13:59:57,845 [ 1912] INFO – llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager – Loaded bundled plugins: Apache config (.htaccess) support (138.826), CSS Support, Command Line Tool Support (138.826), Database Support (1.0), File Watchers (138.826), Framework MVC Structure Support (138.826), HTML Tools (2.0), IDEA CORE, Ini4Idea (138.826), IntelliLang (8.0), JavaScript Debugger (1.0), JavaScript Intention Power Pack (0.9.4), JavaScript Support (1.0), LESS support, PHP (138.826), PHP Remote Interpreter (138.826), Phing Support (138.826), QuirksMode, REST Client, Refactor-X (2.01), Remote Hosts Access (0.1), SASS support, SQL support (1.0), SSH Remote Run (0.1), Task Management (1.0), Terminal (0.1), Twig Support (138.826), UML Support (1.0), Vagrant (138.826), W3C Validators (2.0), WordPress Support (138.826), XPathView + XSLT Support (4), YAML, hg4idea (10.0)
        2014-07-03 13:59:57,845 [ 1912] INFO – llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager – Loaded custom plugins: BrowseWordAtCaret (2.4.0), CamelCase (1.2), EJS (133.745), File Template Variables (0.4.2), Grep Console (, Handlebars/Mustache (134.1417), LiveEdit (, Navigate From Literal (1.8), NodeJS (138.447), PHP Advanced AutoComplete (1.0.3), Shifter (1.1.9), Sql Generator (1.0), String Manipulation (, Tabdir (1.6.6), Wrap to Column (0.1.2)
        2014-07-03 13:59:57,846 [ 1913] INFO – llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager – Disabled plugins: ‘Copy’ on steroids (3.1), ASP (0.1), Behat Support (138.826), CVS Integration (11), CoffeeScript (2.0), Drupal Support (138.826), DynamicReturnTypePlugin (1.1.5), GNU GetText files support (*.po) (136.SNAPSHOT), Gherkin (999.999), Git Integration (8.1), GitHub, Google App Engine Support for PHP (138.826), HAML, Java Server Pages Integration (1.0), Perforce Integration (2.0), ReStructuredText Support (136.SNAPSHOT), Show As … (0.3), Structural Search (9.0), Subversion Integration (1.1), TextMate bundles support (VERSION), XSLT-Debugger (1.4)

        • Maxim Kolmakov says:

          Could you please update or reinstall LiveEdit plugin. It has been updated right now with fix.

          • wakalaka says:

            Same situation, install “LiveEdit” from repository & restart IDE helped.

          • Jason says:

            LiveEdit alone did not work.
            I was able to fix this by removing the idea-pascal plugin

    • Vladimir Krivosheev says:

      Please update LiveEdit (1.20) and NodeJS plugins (published moments ago).

      • Mikhail Ogarkov says:

        That helps thank you.

      • Andriy Bazanov says:

        PhpStorm does not see any updates for those plugins (checking from previous build, obviously).

        So I’ve just disabled them — no difference. Same error in latest build even with them disabled.

        I had to completely remove those 2 plugins (manually; by deleting their files from “plugins” folder) and now IDE can launch fine.

        Only after that IDE can see newer plugins versions (plugin list caching issue?). Installed them .. and IDE can be launched OK.

    • Mikhail Ogarkov says:

      Same here.

    • David St.Clair says:

      I had this same issue. I fixed it by removing the “LiveEdit.jar” plugin from my .WebIde80\config\plugins directory.

    • Adam Culp says:

      I’m receiving the same error:

      6:42:24 PM Plugin Error
      Error loading plugins:
      Plugins should not have cyclic dependencies:
      Plugins were not loaded.
      Correct the above error and restart IDEA.

      • Adam Culp says:

        OK, forced an update of LiveEdit by Browsing the repository and installing. Then after restart of PHPStorm all is good again.

      • Marcin says:

        the same situation
        Plugin Error
        Error loading plugins:
        Plugins should not have cyclic dependencies:
        Plugins were not loaded.
        Correct the above error and restart IDEA.

        I removed directory coffescript from plugins and now works ok.

  4. Bruno says:

    Where is the Laravel/Blade support ?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      In progress, please see for more information. Coming in v8.

      • Tommy Bergeron says:

        There’s no progress logged to this issue, last activity from Jetbrains was in February, 4 months ago. People keeps voting on it, we wish it would have been integrated earlier in the EAP as many of us (customers) are waiting for it. I’m almost scared they won’t get it done for v8 on time and will delay it to v9.

        • Mikhail Vink says:

          I can assure you we are working on that and soon the support for Blade will be in EAP. We’r not going to postpone it till v9.

  5. Ngoc Pham says:

    Is there any estimated on when the final release of 8.0 will be out?

  6. Vincent says:

    Having issue updating on Mac OSX (after downloading the new dmg and replacing my preceding version of PhpStorm EAP with its content):

    There are some conflicts found in the installation.

    And then a listing of these problems: absent state for various (all?) libs or plugins in Contents/plugins or Contents/lib.

    Solution suggested is “IGNORE”. Seems a bit scary. Should I Cancel or Proceed the installation?

    • Maxim Kolmakov says:

      What is your current installed version? If it’s 138.826 then please try to get patch one more time. We’ve published a fixed version.

      • Vincent says:

        Thanks. Yes it was 138.826. I just clicked “Proceed” and everything went fine. I am running now 138.940. Seems to work fine (and all plugins are there).

  7. Daniel Tschinder says:

    Patch Update on MacOSX worked just fine. :)

  8. MichaelL says:

    Strange, I many all my settings when upgrading. Formatting got reset and all my test runners are gone.

  9. Thomas Wacker says:

    When will the final version 8.0 be available?

  10. Hélio says:

    My deployment settings completely disappeared. It is normal? How can I get it back?

  11. Tommy Bergeron says:

    Is it me or the wait for Blade support is taking forever? I mean, I guess it ain’t the #1 but the amount of votes the issue has received should demonstrate how _eager_ we are to get it. Every update I go check the changes log just in case Jetbrains did a step forward about it. I love your IDEs and been using them for years, this blade templating support feature would help me a lot, every day. Thanks and keep the updates going! :)

  12. Ondra says:

    every of my live template setting lost its contexts (aka php, html, etc).
    Is it any known bug? Any solution? I really don’t like the idea fixing every of the single item :-/

    • Maxim Kolmakov says:

      Ondra, Live Templates located there:
      Windows: \.WebIde80\config\templates
      Linux: ~\..WebIde80\config\templates
      OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/.WebIde80/templates
      Do you have xmls there?

      Please also while evaluating EAP make sure to have a copy of your settings (File->Export Settings) to keep them safe.

      • Ondra says:

        There were the fhe files but I guess, they were replaced. I had to use my copies.
        There are other changes in settings like Ronalds said.
        This isn’t probably the safest build.
        We really should take on mind these aren’t final releases.

  13. Ronald Lokers says:

    Where can I download the previous build of phpstorm 8 eap? This version breaks some things like the code style settings (for example: smart tabs are replaced by spaces).

    This prevents me to push my code to our repo because the build server doesn’t accept the spaces. :)

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