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Working with composer.json in PhpStorm

What makes PHP great is the community that is building frameworks, libraries and nice tools. And more. This awesome community brought us Composer, a dependency manager for PHP which lets us install and update packages from Packagist.org and makes it easy to … Continue reading

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PHP Mess Detector in PhpStorm

PhpStorm comes with many inspections that help us analyze and improve the quality of our codebase. By using PHP Mess Detector (PHPMD), we can enable many additional code quality checks on our codebase: it can detect possible bugs, suboptimal code, … Continue reading

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Using PHP Code Sniffer in PhpStorm

Team members may have different backgrounds and code style preferences. In code bases where no formal code style is used, it can become obvious who wrote which code because of different styles being used. Having to work on such code … Continue reading

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Syntax highlighting of PHP inside JavaScript (and other languages)

From time to time we have to mix different programming languages in one file. If there is only one or two occurrences of these small, embedded language islands, using Language Injections is the way to go. But what if we … Continue reading

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Introducing PhpStorm Video Tutorials

A lot of PhpStorm users have been asking us to create a series of video tutorials. Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of about two hours of video tutorials around PhpStorm which Maarten has been working on for the … Continue reading

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Optimize Imports for PHP

Those of you who have already tried PhpStorm 6 might have noticed a lot of great additions to PHP imports support. In this post we would like to tell you about a long awaited feature: Optimize Imports for PHP.

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