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PHPUnit support enhancements

PhpStorm 2017.3 brings you several minor enhancements, allowing for more effective work with unit tests.

The new Undefined PHPUnit data provider inspection detects a method that you’ve specified via the @dataProvider annotation but have not declared in unit tests yet. You can quickly create the missing method by applying the suggested Create data provider quick-fix:


With the data provider method in place, you can fill it with the test data and run the test as usual:


If some of your tests fail, which does happen from time to time, your only option in earlier PhpStorm versions was to re-run all of them together again. It indeed wasn’t very effective. With PhpStorm 2017.3 this process has been made easier, as you can run a test on a single data set.

Just select a test in the list, and re-run it:


Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out our series of videos on testing with PhpStorm!

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