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PHP Annotated Monthly – September 2014

Here at JetBrains, we strive to help PHP developers with excellent tools like PhpStorm that improve our code and workflow. But there’s more to developing PHP applications than that: learning from others and keeping up with what’s going on out there … Continue reading

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File Watchers in PhpStorm

Imagine working on a file and running a command line tool in the background for every change made. “Why would I want that?” I hear you say. Wouldn’t it be great if the IDE could minify our JavaScript and CSS … Continue reading

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Drag-and-drop to Remote Hosts changes

We’ve already blogged about being able to connect to a remote server using the Remote Hosts tool window. We can drag-and-drop files and folders from our PhpStorm project to a remote FTP, FTPS, SFTP server or a local/network folder. The latest … Continue reading

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PhpStorm 7 Web Toolkit – JavaScript Templates & Web Components Support

As you may know, PhpStorm has all the WebStorm features available either out of the box or with free plugins in the repository. Thanks to this, PhpStorm 7 comes with support for .mustache and .hbs files and provides syntax highlighting, … Continue reading

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Updated Built-in REST Client in PhpStorm 7

Building a REST API? Need to test a call to a web application? Look no further! Earlier this year we bundled a REST client plugin with which we can test HTTP-based APIs right from within our IDE. Since then we’ve … Continue reading

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