Working with UML class diagrams

Sometimes it can be really handy to have a schematical view of an application’s class hierarchy. PyCharm lets us quickly examine our application structure by generating UML class diagrams. This can help us understand the codebase we’re working on and easily navigate from diagram to code and back. We can even refactor and view changes from the UML diagram!

To learn about UML diagrams usage in PyCharm, please check the UML class diagrams tutorial from our PyCharm’s tutorial space.

As always, we appreciate your feedback in the comments below or in our forum!

Develop with pleasure!
– PyCharm Team

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7 Responses to Working with UML class diagrams

  1. Eswar Vandanapu says:

    Is there a way to see the UML diagram from multiple python source files. We have a hierarchy of classes spread in a package. How can I see the diagram for entire package?

  2. UML tutorial says:

    Is there a similar tool which generated class diagrams for java code?

  3. Creately says:

    Can this re-factor without a problem?

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