Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 3.0 EAP build 130.1451 available!

Having launched our Early Access Program for PyCharm 3.0 a month ago, today we are announcing the new PyCharm 3.0 EAP build 130.1451. This brand-new build is already available for download on our EAP page. Just as always, this EAP build can be used for 30 days since its release date and does not require any license.

Since the announcement of the first 3.0 EAP build many new features have appeared. So we’re excited to announce the following major new features in this second 3.0 EAP build:

  • Embedded local terminal is now supported. Tools | Open Terminal…:

As you can see it’s full-featured terminal with coloring. So for example VIM looks like:

Cool! Isn’t it? And the last terminal demo is with Midnight Commander:

Perfect! No need to leave the IDE while development at all!

  • In addition to the already implemented Web2Py support, the Pyramid web framework is now supported:

  • The new Move function refactoring is a good supplement to Pycharm’s refactorings stack:

  • The brand-new Locate duplicates tool allows to examine your code and find different code duplicates. This tool works for different languages and is highly configurable:

  • The Language injection tool that allows editing the arbitrary language code that is embedded into string literals natively with the completion and other stuff:

The Language injection tool is configurable. You can find its settings in Settings > Project Settings | Language Injections:

  • Some more improvements in code insight and inspections

Please refer to PyCharm 130.1451 release notes for the complete list of features and fixed bugs in this build.

Grab it while it’s hot! Note that no patch-based update is available for this build.

Review the PyCharm 3.0 Roadmap page to see our future plans. Please report any bugs and feature requests to our Issue Tracker. Give us your feedback in our forum.

Enjoy productive development with PyCharm and simply…

Develop with pleasure!
-PyCharm Team

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