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PyCharm 4.0.5 RC2 is available

Having announced the PyCharm 4.0.5 RC build a week ago, today we’ve published the PyCharm 4.0.5 RC2 build 139.1525, which is already available for download and evaluation from the EAP page. This build has only two new fixes that can … Continue reading

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PyCharm 4.0.5 RC is available

We are happy to announce the availability of PyCharm 4.0.5 Release Candidate. Since the previous bug-fix update in early January we’ve gathered a lot of fixes for different PyCharm’s subsystems. Actually we’re almost ready to release them to you as … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Find Usages & Locate Duplicates in Python Code

Happy Friday everyone, In the last week’s blog post I covered different refactoring capabilities of PyCharm. Today I’ll continue highlighting different handy features and show you some more tools that help you keep your code under full control. One of … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Refactoring Python code

We all know that code can’t be crafted ideally from the beginning, especially in large projects. There is always a need to change something during the active development or maintenance stages. In fact refactoring is something you do all the … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Navigating Python Code

As programmers we read more than we write. And when projects we’re working on become larger and more complex, the problem of understanding and getting around unfamiliar or even your own code becomes more and more essential. The faster and … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Python Debugger and ‘Attach to Process’

Happy Friday everyone, Today I’d like to highlight some recent changes and improvements in PyCharm`s Python debugger and explore the brand new attach to process in more detail. Previously PyCharm used a special fork of the PyDev debugger with some … Continue reading

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‘Best Interactive Programming Course with Python’ Contest in Full Swing

A month ago we announced the launch of the educational contest for the Best Interactive Programming Course with Python. A number of participants have already joined, but with 3 more weeks to go until the end of the contest there’s … Continue reading

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PyCharm 4.0.4 RC is available

2014 has been a massive year for PyCharm, thanks both to the team and our amazing users whose valuable feedback and input always plays an instrumental role in the development process. And as the year draws to a close, we’re … Continue reading

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Take (or design!) Programming 101 with PyCharm Educational Edition 1.0.1

Today we’re making publicly available a new version of our free, easy and professional tool for learning programming with Python. Please welcome PyCharm Educational Edition 1.0.1! If you haven’t checked this tool out, learn how it helps novice programmers with … Continue reading

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Announcing the PyCharm 4.0.3 release update

Today we’re happy to announce that the PyCharm 4.0.3 bug-fix update has been uploaded and is now available from the download page. It also will be available in short time as a patch update from the previous versions of PyCharm … Continue reading

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